Profile of a Teacher

“Those who wish to give greater proof of their love, and to distinguish themselves in whatever concerns the service of the Eternal King and the Lord of all, will not only offer themselves entirely for the work … but make offerings of greater value and of more importance.” [Spiritual Exercises, 97]

Profile of a Jesuit Teacher: Characteristics of a Teacher at Jesuit High School in New Orleans

St. Ignatius points out that we should never grow slack in our efforts to follow Christ nor be satisfied with the inertia of “good enough.” In the work of education, therefore, we must always seek after a greater offering of self. This principle, seeking after the magis, means the constant pursuit of what is more conducive to the service of God. As a leader, the Jesuit High School teacher strives in word and deed to nurture and improve student life, both in academics and co-curriculars. As a model, the teacher is an authentic witness to the goals and ideals of Jesuit High School. By calling the students to higher levels of excellence in all they do, the teacher patiently encourages students to exemplify the call of St. Ignatius to the “magis.”

Teachers at Jesuit High School realize that they are part of God’s unfolding creation and, therefore, are works in progress. They understand that academic subjects are not ends in themselves but means to the greater end of knowing, loving, and serving God.

Members of the Jesuit High School faculty are:

  1. Open to Growth
  2. Religious
  3. Loving
  4. Intellectually Competent
  5. Professionally Competent
  6. Committed to Justice

Profile Award honorees exemplify these attributes and serve as role models, not only to their students, but also to their colleagues.

Previous Honorees


Khanh Nguyen and Andrew Schiro


Kevin Murphy and Bob Roso


Dan DiRosa and Tim Powers


Michael Begg and Malcolm Villarrubia


Susan de Boisblanc and Amy Tassin


Joe Caluda,  Andrew Dykema, Nilda Rivera, and Gary Wyss



Chris LaMothe, Matt Orillion, Mollie Roberts, and Ron Rossi


Patrick Benoit, Mary Favalora, James Michalik, and Jo Ann Schexnayder


Aurora Daigle, Jason Giaccone, Joe Knight, and Jeremy Reuther


Br. Billy Dardis, S.J., David Moreau, Michael Prados, and David Wright


Jack Culicchia, Kathy Juhas, Tom Spitzfaden, and Helen Swan


Lary “Top” Abshire, Leslie Merritt, Andrew Schiro, and Kathi Tomeny