The mission of Jesuit High School as a Catholic, college preparatory school is to develop in its students the competence, conscience, and compassion that will enable them to be men of faith and men for others.

Competence. Every trade has its facts and figures, and every worker needs a command of those facts and figures. Students leave Jesuit with much more than facts and figures. They leave knowing that not only is information powerful, but how they use that information is just as powerful.

Conscience. Each day young people face decisions about how to use what they know and to decide what to do the right thing. Our goal is to produce young men with a sense of right and wrong, young men who know facts, but also know that facts are only manifestations of God’s creation and, as such, are to be valued deeply and used only for the greater glory of God.

Compassion. We are not alone. And we certainly are not a gated community. Each student at Jesuit comes from a different background—socially, economically, and culturally. We are a microcosm of our larger community. And we have an opportunity to explore our common bond of humanity. What do I owe my neighbor simply because we are both human beings, both creatures of God?  How we interact, how we play, how we compete, how we study, how we worship all reflect one profound truth: how we love each other. And so daily at Jesuit, we practice the basic tenet of our faith: that we love one another as our God loves us.

Our Philosophy

Jesuit is committed to the belief that we are created to know, love, and serve God; that each person, though sinful, is personally known and loved by God; and that this love invites a response to God’s love, a free gift of oneself.

The fundamental purpose of our school is to form “men for others” — men of faith who are motivated by genuine Gospel charity; new men transformed by the message of Christ, who are open to their own time and to the future; leaders who have acquired a way of life that is a proclamation of the love of Christ, of faith, and of justice.