Student Life

Jesuit education forms beyond the intellect. Each Blue Jay is taught to pursue God’s greater glory not merely with his mind but with his entire person. In this rich context, the bonds of fraternity formed on Banks Street become the foundation of lifelong friendship.

From his first moment in the Chapel of the North American Martyrs at Investiture to his last moment as a student in the chapel at Baccalaureate Mass, each student has a Jesuit experience designed to make a transformative impact on the rest of his life.

Daily Student Life

A day at Jesuit entails more than just classroom and homework. While formation—both spiritual and academic—is the main focus of a young man’s stay here at Jesuit, it is not the complete picture. Social formation is another important aspect of a Jesuit education that rounds out the student by providing opportunities to practice the principles he has learned, and to have fun doing it.

At Jesuit, interacting as a community is basic to the Blue Jay experience. Whether it is monthly Mass, morning assembly, pep rallies, daily lunch, or involvement in any of the school’s many co-curricular activities, students at Jesuit participate together. This experience provides a greater interaction of, knowledge of, and community among all classes. It is this action as community that fosters the fraternal bond between all Jays.

The fraternal bond among all Blue Jays is evident by viewing a popular feature of our website: Jayson’s Wild Photo.

  • Baseball vs. St. Paul's, Brother Martin Tournament, Feb. 23, 2013