Policies & Procedures

The academic program offered at Jesuit aims to provide Blue Jays with a well-founded preparation for college and for life. While the courses more than fulfill the entrance requirements of all colleges, Jesuit’s academic program also strives to develop the will and intellect of each student. All student policies and procedures have been developed with that goal in mind.

A full list of Jesuit’s policies & procedures is available in the Bulletin, linked below.

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The Bulletin contains essential information regarding student conduct, student life, student activities, Jesuit tradition, and academic expectations. Students and parents should familiarize themselves with the contents of the Bulletin.

Bulletin, 2023 – 2024

Homework Assignments

Students are assigned daily work sufficient to occupy them at home for 2 ½ – 3 hours. If the important duty of accomplishing this homework is neglected, it will be impossible for the student to achieve fully the goals of his academic program. Parents are requested to inform the Academic Asst. Principal if their sons have insufficient (or excessive) work at home so that she may investigate the cause of this departure from normal procedure.

Students who are absent for a legitimate reason must arrange with their teachers to complete any written assignments and tests that were given during the period of his absence.

Reports and Grading System

At the end of each quarter, a report listing grades for all subjects studied during the quarter is available to the parents or guardians of students. Additionally, Progress Reports are available online in the middle of each of the four quarters. Interim Progress Reports are also posted for students who are showing deficiencies in particular classes. When new reports are available, notices are emailed to parents who have created an account on the Jesuit website.

Parents must access these reports by creating an account on the Parents page with the login-password information provided to them at the beginning of the school year. Lost password or login issues? Email technology@jesuitnola.org or call the technology office at (504) 483-3990.

Passing Grades/Failures

The grades in each subject for the two grading periods during the course of a semester are averaged together and give a student his half-year or semester grade for each subject.

To receive credit for a full-year course, students must earn a yearly average of 70 or higher, and must earn a grade of 70 or higher in the second semester. If a student earns a grade below 70 at the end of the second semester, even though he has passed the first semester, he will be denied credit for the entire course.

To pass a one-semester course, a student must pass the second quarter and have a passing course average. Failure to do so will result in denial of credit for the entire course.

A student who fails to earn credit for the equivalent of more than two units of credit will receive Fs in the courses and will not be eligible to return to Jesuit.

For a student who is denied the equivalent of two or fewer credits, the credit denials are officially considered “not complete” and are marked “NC” on both the transcript and report card. The student must continue his studies in Jesuit’s summer session. If a student chooses to leave Jesuit before the course(s) is completed in the summer session, he then fails the course(s) and an F is placed on the transcript.