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This course for pre-freshmen provides an introduction to the basics of the Christian faith as understood and practiced by the Catholic Church. It also attempts to offer students a brief historical introduction to Saint Ignatius Loyola, the Society of Jesus, and Jesuit High School. The main areas of instruction include faith and revelation, the Creed, salvation through Jesus Christ, and the Catholic Church’s beliefs, worship, and moral life.

Sacred Scripture (Old and New Testament)

This freshmen course help students to understand and appreciate the treasures of our faith found in God’s word by studying the Bible as the book of God’s actions in history. The class is a survey of, and introduction to, the Bible. In this course, students are taught to read and discuss a biblical text within the Catholic tradition. Topics include history, covenant, Gospel, Incarnation, the paschal mystery, and the Second Coming.

Church History

This semester course for sophomores considers the nature, origins, and development of Jesus’ Church. Students examine the mission of the Church throughout its history, the relation of the Church to the world at large, the differences within Christianity, and the relation of Christianity to other religions.


This semester course for sophomores emphasizes the efficacy of God’s grace by investigating the development and meaning of the sacraments in the Roman Catholic Church. Topics include grace, symbol, ritual, liturgy, Christ and Church as Sacraments, and the seven sacraments.

Christian Morality

This year-long course for juniors is an inquiry into the foundations, meaning, and promise of life in Christ. Students begin with a study of who Jesus Christ is, attempting to understand Him as the norm for Christian morality. The course proceeds with an investigation of general moral principles followed by a consideration of particular issues that face teenagers in their daily lives. It concludes with a study on how the Christian faith and the revelation of Jesus Christ affect their lives as citizens and responsible members of society.

Christian Vocations

This senior level semester course examines the state of life in the Church, and life choices of the Christian faithful with a particular emphasis on marriage. Topics include Christian identity, communication, love, sexuality, marriage, the single life, religious life, and the priesthood.

Christian Foundations

In this senior level semester course, students are presented an overview of topics of Catholic theology with an emphasis on the fundamental issues of faith pertinent for young adults. Topics include the existence of God, Scripture, Jesus, the mystery of evil, Church, sacraments, and judgment.

The Theology of C.S. Lewis

This senior level elective acquaints students with the basic literary corpus of C.S. Lewis, emphasizing in particular his theological thought as it is found in his fiction and non-fiction. The course is structured seminar style, with heavy emphasis placed upon writing and student discussion of the readings. Through the writings of C.S. Lewis, the major Christian theological themes of creation, sin, redemption, and prayer are examined.