Marine Corps Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps

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Leadership Education I (LE I)

The first unit of the Leadership Education program provides an introduction to both leadership and citizenship. It also exposes new cadets to personal growth and responsibility and establishes a foundation of military structure and tradition. Additionally, cadets participate in a healthy physical education program and are first exposed to the teamwork required in organized drill.

Leadership Education II (LE II)

Leadership Education II continues the leadership and citizenship classes of LE-I. During LE-II students receive instruction in general military subjects with more structure and tradition than in LE-I. Cadets also receive an introduction to marksmanship and land navigation. This unit also provides additional learning experiences in personal growth and responsibility, as well as citizenship.

Leadership Education III (LE III)

In LE III, cadets resume building upon the subjects they studied in LE-I and LE-II, including various career options by beginning to learn more about public service and other possible careers for life after high school and college. In LE-III, cadets also learn about job-seeking and the interview process, as well as receive instruction in personal finances.

Leadership Education IV (LE IV)

LE-IV is the culmination of a cadet’s Leadership Education studies. Cadets take the leadership roles in operating the Battalion. Cadets are expected to keep up with and be able to discuss current events. Social and cultural topics such as equal opportunity and sexual harassment are studied.

Additionally, Jesuit’s MCJROTC program offers a variety of co-curricular activities that reinforce instruction and build character. These co-curriculars are not mandatory and include the following:

MCJROTC Co-Curricular Teams
  • Color Guard
  • Drill Team
  • Marine Band
  • Physical Fitness Team
  • Rifle Team