Registration Day

On Registration Day, students arrive at their scheduled time to submit mandatory forms, take their yearbook and ID photos, and purchase P.E. uniforms. Registration Day will take place on Tuesday, August 13, 2024.

Registration Day Schedule

Seniors8 a.m.9 a.m.
Juniors      9:15 a.m.10:15 a.m.
Sophomores          10 a.m.11:30 a.m.
Pre-freshmen (A-L) Noon 1 p.m.
Pre-freshmen (M-Z)1 p.m.2 p.m.
Freshmen   2 p.m.3:15 p.m.

Registration Day Procedures

  • When arriving for Registration Day, students should line up in the green stairwell to be directed into the second floor hallway. Stations will begin outside of Room 227.
  • Parents of new students are strongly discouraged from participating in Registration Day. Please allow your son the opportunity to attend Registration Day with his Big Brother.
  • Students not properly groomed and attired will not be allowed to proceed on Registration Day. Hair, when fully extended, may not touch the shirt collar, eyebrows, or ears, nor be longer than 3 inches. Please see below for specific requirements.
  • If the student cannot come at the time scheduled for his grade level, anyone can be designated to meet the student’s obligations at the scheduled time for his grade level—except for taking the yearbook/ID picture. A picture make-up date will be scheduled later. If someone cannot be found to come in his place at the scheduled time, he will have to wait until the first day of school to complete the registration process.
  • The mandatory forms to print and sign must be completed at home and signed by the student and all parents/guardians for the student to participate in Registration Day. Student must have the mandatory forms completed and signed to participate in Registration Day

Registration Day Checklist

  1. Print and Sign Mandatory Forms (PDF) – The link includes two documents for all students: (1) Bulletin Review/Honor Code/Media Release Form and (2) AI Agreement. Hard copies of these forms are turned in on Registration Day.
  2. Print and Complete Guidance Questionnaire (New Students Only) – A hard copy of this form is turned in on Registration Day.
  3. Submit Student Auto Registration Online (Only Students who Drive to School) – Registering a vehicle allows security personnel to communicate with students during the day for parking related issues or in the event that a car needs to be moved. Students who have previously completed the Auto registration form should check their vehicle information on the Student Portal and edit as necessary.
  4. Sign Up for Kairos Retreat Online (Juniors Only)
  5. Set Up Account for Pigeon’s Catering Online
  6. Print Athletic Forms (Athletes Only): Student-athletes will likely have submitted these forms already, but a representative from the Athletics Dept. will be present to collect them on Registration Day also.

Information Items

Student ID Pictures

All students will take ID pictures. This picture will also be used in the yearbook for underclassmen while seniors will have their tuxedo photos used instead. Picture packages may be purchased from Loupe Photography.  In the coming weeks, Loupe Photography will mail home a picture flyer with your son’s specific information/barcode to be completed and returned with payment on Registration Day.

  1. Grooming/Dress Code: All students must have a proper haircut, and they must be clean-shaven. Hair, when fully extended, may not touch the shirt collar, eyebrows, or ears, nor be longer than 3 inches. Students are required to wear complete uniforms on all school days while on campus. (See the Bulletin for full dress code details.)
    1. Underclassmen must bring a dress shirt, coat, and tie for the pictures.
    2. Seniors need only a shirt with a collar for their ID picture. Each senior must schedule an appointment as soon as possible with Loupe Photography to take his tuxedo picture.

Name tags, Lockers, Student IDs, & Student Planners

New students will be given two name tags on Registration Day. All students may purchase additional name tags as needed on Registration Day. Cost is $3 per name tag.

New students will be given a Jesuit lock on Registration Day. Returning students are expected to bring their Jesuit-issued lock or purchase a new Jesuit lock as needed. Students will be assigned lockers on Registration Day and are expected to secure their locker prior to leaving campus. Cost for a replacement lock is $12.

Students will receive a temporary ID to buy lunch until new school IDs are printed.

Student planners will be issued on Registration Day. There is no charge for this item.

Uniforms/Dress Code

Students are required to wear complete uniforms on all school days while on campus. (See the Bulletin for full dress code details.)

Uniforms and/or shoes may be purchased from many stores in the area. While Jesuit does not endorse any particular outlet, the following stores are listed for your convenience:

Perlis Clothing (New Orleans, Mandeville)Schumacher’s Uniforms (Metairie)
Perret’s Army Store (Kenner)Skobelj’s (Belle Chasse, Metairie, West Bank)
Schiro’s School Time Shoes & Uniforms (Metairie)Uniforms by Kajan (Metairie, Marrero)
Haase’s on Oak Street 

Uniform Patches: The official Jesuit Blue Jay patch should be sewn on the left sleeve with the top of the patch ¼ inch below the shoulder seam.  Uniform patches are sold for $1.50 each and may be purchased in the Blue Jay Shop.

Students should be certain to wear the complete uniform for New Student Orientation, Wednesday, August 14; the first full day of school, August 15; and, of course, every regular school day thereafter. Shoes must be shined. Students must be clean-shaven. Hair should be properly cut. Name tags should be in place above the pocket on the right side of the uniform shirt. Find more dress code details in the Bulletin.

AP Course Registration

All Jesuit students who are enrolled in AP classes for the 2024-25 school year are required to complete the College Board’s online AP course registration process on Registration Day. AP students should report to Computer Lab 3 with the email address they have used in the past to access any College Board information, such as PSAT or AP scores, SAT registration, etc. If they have never logged into the College Board, they should know the email address they intend to use for college correspondence.

Please be aware that this process does not register students to take the APExam, but simply to officially enroll in the AP class with the College Board. AP Exam registration information will be sent via email in the early fall.

Note: If a student is not enrolled in an AP class but believes that he wishes to take an AP exam in the spring, he should proceed with Registration Day as he has in the past. During the first few weeks of school, there will be specific times announced during homeroom when he can speak to the AP Coordinator about the AP Exam process and registration timeline.


Once again, textbooks will be purchased online.  Information regarding the ordering of textbooks online through MBS was sent out by Mrs. Helen Swan along with student schedules.  Please contact Mrs. Swan at if you have any questions regarding schedules or textbook orders.

Jesuit Virtual Bookstore Information

School Calendar/Important Dates for Opening of School Year

School Calendar

Important Dates for Students

Wednesday, Aug. 14
7:45 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.
New Students’ Orientation Day – All new students will report to school in full uniform.
Thursday, Aug. 15
7:45 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.
First Day of School for All Students

Important Dates for Parents

Wednesday, Aug. 21
6:00 p.m.
New Parents’ Orientation Meeting & Mini-Schedule for Parents of 8th and 9th The parents of pre-freshmen and new freshmen should attend an orientation meeting in the auditorium. The orientation will be followed by a Mini-Schedule for all 8th and 9th grade parents at 7 p.m. During mini-schedule, parents are able to meet their sons’ teachers and to learn first-hand at the beginning of the year each teacher’s class policies and expectations.
Wednesday, Aug. 28
6:00 p.m.
Mini-Schedule for Parents of 10th – 12th During mini-schedule, parents are able to meet their sons’ teachers and to learn first-hand at the beginning of the year each teacher’s class policies and expectations

Additional Information

  • Retreat Offerings: Find information about mandatory retreats for underclassmen here, and Juniors can sign up for Kairos before August 13.
  • Technology: All students must have access to a home computer with internet connectivity in order to complete assignments throughout the school year. All parents will receive an important email message about technology updates and services for the new school year.  In particular, Jesuit will invite new parents and students to participate in webinars explaining how to use Canvas, Jesuit’s learning management system. Questions about these webinars should be directed to Jack Culicchia, 504-483-3892 or
  • Yearbook: The 2024-2025 yearbook must be ordered through MBS. The yearbook is an optional purchase item that is listed as a digital yearbook in MBS; however, please be aware the yearbook will be a traditional hardcover book as usual.
  • Directory/Contact Update: Schedules and quarterly grade and discipline reports will be emailed directly to parents; therefore, it is important that you update your directory contact information if you have not already done so.