Computer Studies

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Computer Literacy I

An introductory course highlights the basic concepts of computer, information systems, and software applications. Some of the topics covered are input, processing, output, and storage, as well as word processing, spreadsheet, and presentation applications. Microsoft Office 2010 is used to teach these productivity software applications. This is a half-credit course required for all eighth and ninth grade students.

Computer Literacy II

An advanced introductory course covers basic computer terminology and various software applications including word processing, spreadsheet, and presentation programs taught using Microsoft Office 2010. In addition, students are acquainted with other topics such as HTML, binary numbers, and TCPIP. This is a half-credit course taken by eighth and ninth grade students who have placed out of Computer Literacy I.

Computer Science I

This course provides students with a thorough background in Hypertext Markup Language (HTML 4.0), the language of the World Wide Web. Students will gain various skills from programming structure and logic to web page layout and design. Also, students will learn Internet application skills necessary to design, publish, and maintain web pages. This is a half-credit elective course offered in the fall semester.

Computer Science II

With the Internet occupying a permanent place in our culture and classrooms, programming languages are used to enhance its efficiency. This course is a continuation of Computer Science I and expands on the web design learned in the course by covering topics such as Dynamic HTML and JavaScript. JavaScript is a programming language designed to extend the capability of HTML. This is a half-credit elective course offered in the spring semester.

Computer Applications

Microsoft Office 2010 is the focus of this applications course. Students are taught in detail the more advanced features of Microsoft Word, Excel, Access, and PowerPoint. Upon completion of this course, students will have a strong background in the effective use of productivity software to increase their efficiency. This is a half-credit elective course.