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Introduction to Algebra

This course begins with mastery of the skills needed to succeed in an algebra course and then introduces the student to algebraic concepts that will be further developed in later courses.

Algebra I

Algebra I consists of the mastery of basic algebra skills up through the solving of systems of equations and inequalities.


This formal study of Euclidian geometric systems, and the logic behind the development of such systems, develops students’ critical thinking skills.

Algebra II

This course builds on the skills of previous courses and leads to the study of general algebraic theories and transcendental functions such as logarithmic and exponential.


This is advanced functional analysis with a detailed study of trigonometric functions and side topics that include sequences and series, probability, and vectors.


This course develops the differential and integral calculus of a single variable with advanced placement of 6 to 10 hours of college credit available through the College Board Advanced Placement program, depending on the AP course chosen.


This introductory statistics course develops analytical and critical thinking skills to describe data patterns, plan and conduct studies, use probability and simulation to explore random phenomena, estimate population parameters, test hypotheses, and make statistical inferences.