Emergency Information

When severe weather or an emergency requires a school closure, Jesuit will update the website with information on the emergency situation, instructions regarding campus preparations, announcements about closing and reopening of school offices, and other relevant instructions. Emergency notices will be posted in a “Breaking News” box at the top of the home page. If necessary, Jesuit may activate the SchoolReach automated phone system to provide faculty, staff, students, and parents with information about school closures or reopening.

Jesuit typically follows the lead of the Archdiocese of New Orleans which decides if and when to close schools in connection with emergencies. When the Archdiocese of New Orleans announces that all Catholic schools in the New Orleans area are closed, Jesuit will also be closed.

An official announcement concerning dismissal or emergency closing of Jesuit will be posted on the home page. Additionally, closings of Jesuit and schools in the archdiocese will be announced on local television and radio stations and their websites.

If evacuation or dismissal occurs because of an approaching weather system, students must take all their school books with them. If storm damage prohibits returning to the metro area, Jesuit will post updates of the latest information on the website. For the duration of the displacement from the metro area, students must continue to check the website and CANVAS to obtain work for all of their classes.