Feb 25

Schedule: Day 6

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Breakfast French Toast & Sausage, or Sausage Biscuit, or
Donut, Tots, Fruit, Milk
Lunch Red Beans & Rice
Sausage Links
Fresh Fruit
Chilled Strawberries
French Bread
Sandwich Bacon cheeseburger, Chicken Filet on Bun
Hamburgers, Pizza, Turkey Poboy(outside)

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80 Years of Tradition…

For the past 80 years, Dooky Chase Restaurant has been bringing the community together through food and positivity. On Feb. 24, Jesuit had the honor of hosting Edgar “Dook” Chase IV ’00 in St. Ignatius Hall to speak about his positive experiences as a Blue Jay for Black History Month. Dook told the story of how his restaurant, originally founded by his grandparents, has always been about bringing people together, and how Jesuit operates in much the same fashion. Insightful questions were asked by students, and Dook’s genuine and tactful responses could be heard throughout the hall. 


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