The communications office (part of the Office of Institutional Advancement) at Jesuit High School coordinates the majority of the school’s communications efforts within the school community as well as with the larger local community. The communications office is responsible for management and/or oversight of:

  • Public/Media Relations
  • Digital Communication with the School Community, which includes:
    • Website – the school’s central communications platform
    • Email Blast Messages – News from Jesuit High School for parents, Alumni News for alumni; others as needed
    • Communication Alerts – for weather delays, closures, and emergencies
  • Photo Management
  • Print Publication Production – Jaynotes magazine, The President’s Report
  • Visual and Communications Identity Management (Jesuit Identity & Style Guide)
  • Advertising/Marketing

General Inquiries

General inquiries can be sent about each of the following areas:

Communications Office Services

Media Inquiries

Those seeking to profile Jesuit High School of New Orleans, any of its programs, students or employees, should contact the Communications Department at or (504) 483-3814. Please also refer to our School Profile for general information about the school, including our history and facts about enrollment, employees, etc.

Permission is required to interview any student or to come on to the campus for reasons except those directly related to athletic contests hosted by Jesuit. Please contact the communications office to request such permissions.

Logos and Standards

All logos and the standards governing them are maintained by the Creative Director. Please read the Jesuit Identity & Style Guide for more details on our branded images and communications style.

Image & Logo Use Requests

For questions or concerns regarding the brand guidelines, to be provided school logos, and for approvals of use please contact the Creative Director, Brittany Donnes,

The Office of Communications is responsible for maintaining the school’s visual identity system and is available to respond to inquiries regarding its use and must approve all designs. Situations that require approval include but are not limited to:

  • Anything printed with the official logos
  • Requests to create visual identity graphics
  • Explanation of the visual identity system
  • Classes, student groups, special events, and athletic units planning to utilize the school name, color, or logo in any form
  • Merchandise for free or for sale

Those needing images and logos are asked to submit a use request to the communications office at or (504) 483-3812 for high-resolution copies suitable for publication.

All images and logos online and in Jesuit print publications are protected by copyright. Please do not use them without permission. Appropriate use of Jesuit logos is required. See the Jesuit Identity & Style Guide for more details. Image and logo requests are handled as quickly as possible but sometimes take several days to complete. Please plan ahead to accommodate a one-week turnaround time for most requests.