With an emphasis on serving the school community, Jesuit’s leadership of faculty, staff, and volunteers supervises the fulfillment of the school’s mission statement.

Administration & Staff Board of Directors President’s Advisory Council

Administration & Staff

Rev. John Brown, S.J., M.Div., Th.M.
Peter S. Kernion, M.Ed. ’90
Academic Assistant Principal
Kathleen B. Juhas, M.S.T.
Director of Student Affairs
Helen B. Swan, B.S.
Prefect of Discipline
Mark C. Songy, B.A.
Rev. Kevin Dyer, S.J., M.A., M.Div.
Director of Admissions
Ardley R. “Bret” Hanemann III, M.Ed. ’85
Director of Athletics
David A. Moreau, B.A.
Director of Guidance
Mary U. Favalora, B.A., L.C.S.W., M.S.W.
Director of Information Technology
Sharon S. Hewlett, M.S.
Director of Alumni Service Corps
Daniel A. DiRosa, M.A. ’81
Director of Professional Development
Malcolm H. Villarrubia, Jr., M.A. ’66
Director of Student Activities
Matthew P. Orillion, M.A. ’98
Director of Campus Ministry
Peter J. Flores, B.A. ’09
Director of Community Service
Kevin B. Murphy, M.P.A. ’00
Director of Institutional Advancement
Thomas V. Bagwill II, B.A.
Director of Communications
Christian M. Bautista, M.Ed. ’06
Director of Alumni
Michael R. Prados, M.Ed. ’83
Assistant to the President for Mission
Jeremy Reuther, M.A. ’01

Board of Directors


Brian W. North, ’83
Walter J. Baudier, III ’98Rev. Richard Hermes, S.J.
Rev. John Brown, S.J.Thomas M. Kitchen ’65 
Rev. Penn Dawson, S.J.Eric J. Simonson ’82
Karen S. DeBlieux Dr. Gregory D. Tilton ’70

President’s Advisory Council


Malcolm P. Schwarzenbach III
Herman G. Abry ’82
Edwin J. Mazoue, Jr. ’62
Mason G. Couvillon ’92 Brian W. North ’83
Raymond A. Daigle, Jr. ’85Vonda K. Rice
John J. Dardis ’59James E. Ryder, Jr. ’62
Gerald J. Duhon, Jr. ’85Robert F. Talbot, Jr. ’55
Brandon Gregoire ’91Michael A. Varisco ’83
Kevin G. Heigle ’69Fredericka H. Wicker
Patricia S. LeBlancCindy S. Wooderson