Alumni Service Corps

The Alumni Service Corps (ASC) gives Blue Jay alums the opportunity to devote a year of their lives to their alma mater between completing college and moving on to graduate school or a career. The volunteer program is founded on the four components of service, community, simplicity, and spirituality.

Program participants teach two classes, tutor students, and assist with co-curricular activities, retreats, days of reflection, service days, dances, class-level events, and various other programs and activities throughout the school. Volunteer participants live together in community in a Jesuit-owned house across from campus and receive a small stipend for living expenses.

ASC volunteers also have the opportunity to continue their growth in the area of the spirituality of St. Ignatius. Each participant meets regularly with a spiritual director, and participants gather weekly in the Jesuit residence for prayer and dinner.

For more information, contact ASC director Jeremy Reuther at or 504-483-3813.

Alumni Service Corps Participants

2019 – 2020

Daniel Augustin ’15

Connor Hartupee ’15

Anthony Taffaro ’15

2018 – 2019

Thomas Nimmo ’14 

Kevin Yokum ’14

2017 – 2018

Zac Creel ’13

Adam Naquin ’13

Gordon Schmidt ’13


Jason Britsch ’12

Jordan Holmer ’12


Ryan Migliore ’11

Jay Napolitano ’11

Alexander Nay ’11


Charles Bourg ’10

Matthew Firmin ’10

Tim Harris ’10

(Inaugural Year)

Daniel Fitzpatrick ’09

Taylor Bacques ’09