Sanctifying Spaces: Campus Ministry Hosts Devotional Events

Posted December 1, 2023 / Last updated December 18, 2023

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Theology teacher and Pro-Life Club moderator, Ms. Susan deBoisblanc, spoke on the topic of giving thanks to God even in the midst of hardships at the Campus Ministry night this past month.

During the month of November, Jesuit High School’s Campus Ministry department was the heart of spiritual renewal on campus, having recently hosted a series of events designed to increase the devotional life of the faculty and students – specifically within the school day. “We do not want just isolated experiences of the faith that happen only at retreats and school-wide Masses,” said co-director of Campus Ministry, Mr. Jeff Miraflor, S.J.; “but rather, we want to infuse the daily life of the school with devotion.”

These events, which included a walking pilgrimage, a night of reflection, and walking rosary, are part of Campus Ministry’s larger effort to bring Christ out into campus life on Carrollton and Banks.

Following Christ’s command to pray for the dead, Campus Ministry and Sodality came together for a walking pilgrimage to St. Patrick’s Cemetery #1 on November 8th. Mr. Miraflor, S.J. and fellow co-director of Campus Ministry, Mr. Nick Blair, S.J., led the students through the streets of Mid-City, emphasizing the significance of prayers for the dead. The students had the opportunity to pray for those buried at the cemetery and in particular to obtain an indulgence for the departed. Afterwards, the pilgrims gathered for a simple lunch and time to reflect in conversation on their experience before heading back to Jesuit.

On November 17th, Campus Ministry hosted its second night of reflection of the year. The event was started by student minister, senior Elliott Derbes, who had the desire to gather not only Jesuit students, but also students from the area female Catholic schools to pray in adoration and socialize in a night centered on Christ. Focusing on the themes of gratitude, praise, and worship, the keynote address was given by Jesuit Theology teacher Ms. Susan deBoisblanc on the topic of giving thanks to God even in the midst of hardships. Adoration, confession, and an evening of fellowship followed allowing students to connect with their faith and with each other.

Mr. William Newell ’19, a member of the Alumni Service Corps, leads the students in a walking rosary a s part of Campus Ministry’s efforts to sanctify spaces of Jesuit’s campus.

Two days later, Mr. Jaskiewicz and Mr. Newell, members of Jesuit’s Alumni Service Corps, led a walking rosary on campus, encouraging students to join them on the route after school. Beginning in the Traditions courtyard and continuing through the halls of the school, the walking rosary allowed the students end their week in prayer and thanks to God. “The walking rosary is a great way to sanctify the spaces of our campus – the hallways, courtyard, and field,” reflected Mr. Miraflor, “calling down Mary’s protection and guidance for students and all those on campus.

Currently, Campus Ministry and Sodality are hard at work preparing for the upcoming Sodality and Kairos retreats. However, that has not stopped them from planning even more events on campus. In the month of December, Campus Ministry plans to host several events focused on preparing for Christmas and is even developing a series of video reflections for the Advent season.

For more information about Jesuit’s Campus Ministry department and retreat offerings, please visit the Spirituality page of the Jesuit website or contact Mr. Miralfor, S.J. at