Campus & Recreational Sports Clubs

For a full list of this school year’s clubs and organizations, and their moderators, visit the Co-Curriculars page.

Acoustic Guitar Club

Open to beginning, intermediate, and advanced guitarists, offering opportunities for musicians to meet to share ideas for technique and to explore the possibilities the guitar offers.

Anime Club

Screens and reviews Japanese Anime every week. Cutting-edge animation and exploration of Japanese culture, as portrayed in Anime, are at the heart of the club.

Art Club

Open to all students who have an interest, some ability, and a desire to work and create in the visual arts. The students will have an opportunity to share, develop, explore, and express their images in various media.

Asian Club

The Asian Club exposes students to Asian cultural events such as the Chinese New Year. Also, students are exposed to Asian cuisine.

Basement Music Club

Open to all students who enjoy listening to music that is not typically played on the radio. Students bring music to play and discuss different bands and genres. Members enjoy sharing their favorite bands with friends and discovering new music.

Beach Volleyball Club

Open to beginners and advanced players from all grade levels. Games occur once a week in the fall and spring seasons at designated venues. Students develop and improve their net skills in an enjoyable and social atmosphere.

Board Games Club

Features strategy games that challenge the players’ intellects and spark their imaginations. Along with the fun these games provide, the environment cultivates teamwork and sportsmanship. The club is open to students of all grades.

Chess Team/Chess Club

Welcomes all students, regardless of experience, who are interested in playing chess. Students have opportunities to learn about the game, play chess with peers, and participate in tournaments.

Chi Alpha Mu

Chi Alpha Mu, standing for Creative Adventures in Mathematics, is a national organization whose purpose is to encourage an interest in mathematics by providing stimulating mathematical activities for our pre-freshmen and freshmen. It is under the administrative leadership of Mu Alpha Theta, a National Mathematics Honor Society for sophomores, juniors, and seniors.

Classic Rock Club

Provides a forum for the celebration, discussion, and listening of classic rock music. Such music includes any influential rock music of the past—influential to society, to history, to pop culture, to the student. The club is open to students of all grade levels and meets weekly throughout the school year.

Classics Society

Offers tutoring in Latin and Greek on a bi-weekly basis. Tutoring is provided by students in the upper-level Classics courses.

Cycling Club

Participates in various informal city and country rides, training rides, tours, and off-road rides throughout the school year. The club encourages riding both as a form of physical exercise and as a leisure activity. Cycling skills, group riding, and bicycle maintenance and repair are emphasized.

Experimental Literature Club

The Experimental Literature Club meets to read and discuss poems, short stories, and novel excerpts that make use of unusual literary techniques that fall outside of mainstream reading habits. Students of all ages and levels of expertise are welcome.

Fencing Club

Fencing, sometimes described as three-dimensional chess, is an interesting sport open to all students who want to try something different. Students train after school one hour per week, and members have an opportunity to participate in tournaments if they qualify.

Food Critics Club

Members try out different restaurants in the New Orleans area and sample various cuisines.

Foosball Club

Allows students to advance their competitive spirit through the game of foosball. The club sponsors a school-wide team tournament, inviting all students and faculty to compete.

French Club

Encourages experiences in Francophone cultures. It participates annually in the statewide French Club convention where exposure to the language and cultures is the central focus. The club is social in nature.

Frisbee Golf Club

Meets 2-3 times each month at the 18-hole City Park disc golf course. Rather than competition, the goals of the club are relaxation and camaraderie.

German Club

The German Club is a group of students who have an interest in German language and culture. The principal activity is anticipated to be the screening of German films. No prior experience of the German language is necessary.

Golf Club

The Intramural Golf Club allows students from all grade levels and with different abilities to play together once a week in both a fall and a spring league. The club promotes new friendships, and friendly team competition.

Herpetology Club

Serves as a forum for students to engage in conversations about reptiles and amphibians. Several excursions throughout the year focus on observing reptiles and amphibians in their natural habitats.

Investment Club

The Investment Club meets a few times a month during lunch to talk about financial investments of all types. The club occasionally invites guest speakers from the local business community.


The J-Troupe is Jesuit’s Improv Comedy Team.. Associated with the Philelectic Society, membership is open to all Jesuit student’s and young ladies from area schools. The team is coached by a professional stand-up comedian and guest artists and performs on campus and at various locations in the greater New Orleans area.

Magic Club

The Magic Club exists to develop in its members an appreciation and propensity for the art of prestidigitation. Members are encouraged to showcase their abilities and share their skills with other members of the group as well as the larger community. Meetings take place every other Monday during the school year during the second half of lunch in Room 323.

Movie Critics Club

The Movie Critics Club meets every Friday afternoon to watch and discuss a predetermined film. The club also attends one movie per semester at a local theater.

Odd Instruments Orchestra

Invites students with musical talent in instruments not usually showcased in the band (e.g., ukulele) to join in arrangement, practice, and performance of music in a variety of styles.

Outdoors Club

Open to any student who wants to get outdoors. The club participates in activities such as fishing, indoor rock climbing, and canoeing.

Paintball Club

Allows students the opportunity to learn about discipline, leadership, and teamwork through the sport of paintball. The club promotes safety among players, student fitness, and camaraderie. Membership is open to all students, and no experience or equipment is necessary to participate.

Ping Pong Club

Gives students the opportunity to enhance their skills while competing against other students.

Preprandials Club

The Preprandials Club meets several times each quarter to sample fine cheeses and discuss cultural topics such as music, art, and literature.

Remote Control Club

Open to all students who enjoy radio controlled vehicles, airplanes, helicopters, and boats. Students bring remote controlled devices to meetings to show and play. Members enjoy sharing their hobby with friends and discovering new devices.

Role-Playing Games Club

The RPG Club is for those who wish to test their imagination, decision-making, and cooperating skills with friends, having fun while joining in the fray of a battle-game.

Spanish Club

The Spanish Club seeks to provide the student with a greater understanding of Hispanic life and culture while providing limited opportunity for the practice of basic language skills. The Spanish Club is social in nature; it has no Spanish language requirement.

Sportsmen’s Club

The Sportsmen’s Club provides a community for sportsmen, particularly hunters and fishermen, interested in sharing an appreciation of the outdoors. Members participate in a variety of activities ranging from education about hunting and fishing as well as archery and skeet shooting.

Ultimate Frisbee Club

The Ultimate Frisbee Club competes in the fall citywide tournament against other high school age teams. In the spring it travels to tournaments in order to pit itself against nationally ranked ultimate Frisbee teams. Its goal is to provide an enjoyable and healthy atmosphere for pre-freshmen to seniors to engage in athleticism together and to learn a new sport that is growing in popularity throughout the world.

Urban Farming Club

The Urban Farming Club meets to cultivate urban agriculture which would create a renewable resource for the school community and inspire positive local action around food access. Through nurturing the grounds just steps away from the practice field, members hope to produce enough fruits, vegetables, and herbs to either donate to local charities or improve the current supply of organic produce for the school cafeteria. They are also committed to service of local farms and the beautification of the school grounds. See the Urban Farming Club page for news.