Senior Retreat

The Senior Retreat at Manresa is a three-day silent retreat. Each day includes morning and evening prayer, Mass, and reflections from the Spiritual Exercises. Silence is expected during the day, and conversations at night are of a spiritual nature. Faculty members give introductions to the meditations from the Exercises followed by a periods of silent meditation. Students are free to roam the grounds of Manresa and seek God in their private prayer. The spiritual focus of the retreat is discernment: seeing how God has worked with the student in the past and to make decisions that will lead to a greater encounter with Jesus in the future. Students also meet with a faculty director for further guidance on the meditations. There are two Senior Retreats available, one in the fall and one in the spring. These retreats are optional for students.


Students depart for Manresa at 3 p.m. on the Monday of their scheduled retreat. Students will return to school at 3 p.m. on Wednesday.

What to Bring

Students will need to pack enough clothes for three days, including a jacket in case the weather is cold. Bedding and linens will be provided by Manresa; students should bring personal toiletries only. For prayer materials, students should bring a journal, Bible, and Student Prayer Book. All electronic devices should be left at home or in the student’s locker.

Parking Procedures

Since the retreat takes place during the school week, students should not park in the schoolyard, but are welcome to park in approved spaces in the Banks Street parking lot.


Please contact Peter Flores, the director of campus ministry, at with any questions.