Junior Kairos Retreat

The Kairos Retreat is a four-day/three-night retreat which takes place at an off-campus retreat center. Kairos is a Greek word which means the timing of God. This is in contrast to Chronos, which is normal, linear time controlled by schedules, appointments, responsibilities, and expectations. Kairos time invites students to sink deeply into that invitation of the Spirit to live in greater communion. Each student has the opportunity to discover the Lord in himself, his family, and his friends. The retreat will be led by student leaders who have already made the retreat and who will guide the retreatants through reflection, discussion, and prayer that leads to a deeper awareness of God’s presence and blessing in their lives.


Juniors should meet in the Traditions Courtyard at Jesuit at 3:30 p.m. on the Thursday afternoon of their scheduled retreat. A Jesuit school bus will transport students to the retreat center. Busses will return to Jesuit on the last day of retreat at 12:30 p.m. Faculty chaperones will be on hand to accompany students on their retreat. All food (including snacks) will be provided during the retreat, so there is no need to bring any additional food, though it is recommended they eat breakfast before their arrival to school.

What to Bring

Students should bring sheets and a blanket (or a sleeping bag), a pillow, a towel, personal supplies (toiletries), clothes for four days, including clothes and shoes for sports and for Mass (pants and a collared shirt), change for the drink machines, a watch, a pen, a rosary, and any medicine (which should be turned into the retreat director).


Cell phones are not allowed on any retreats. Students are to bring their cell phones and they will be collected. Students caught having or using cell phones will suffer the same disciplinary consequences as they would at school. No other electronic devices are allowed as well.

Parking Procedures

Students are not allowed to park in the school yard while they are on retreat. All retreats have at least one full school day on which the faculty uses the lot for parking. Students may park their cars along the street at their own risk, or be dropped off at school.