Freshman Retreat

The Freshman Retreat (previously known as the 9th Grade Night of Reflection) is an afternoon retreat focused on developing the pillar of “Loving” in the Profile of a Graduate at the Time of Graduation. The talks given by upperclassmen at this event focus on ways in which God is calling students to be men of love in the particular relationships they are fostering as freshmen. Students are invited to reflect upon and discuss these friendships in the context of their overall development and men of faith and men for others.


Freshmen should arrive at Jesuit between 7:45 a.m. and 8:00 a.m. and report to the Tradition Courtyard. Freshmen will receive their meeting room assignment for the retreat upon arrival in the courtyard and should report there immediately. Faculty and upperclassmen will be on hand to instruct them where to sit. A pizza dinner will be provided lunch the retreat.

Dress Code and Behavior

Dress for the night of reflection is casual but respectful: jeans or decent shorts, pullover shirt or presentable T-shirt (no T-shirts advertising liquor or bearing suggestive messages), and tennis shoes are all acceptable. Basically, the young men should wear something that would be acceptable at a casual family function.

Masks will be required for the retreat.

Cell phones are not allowed at the Freshman Retreat. This day of reflection is a required Jesuit school function; thus all school rules of conduct apply.

Pick-up Procedures

The retreat will conclude by 2:00pm after Mass in the Chapel of the North American Martyrs. Please enter the yard via the Banks Street entrance and line up in the same manner as a normal school day dismissal.

Please contact Peter Flores, the director of campus ministry, at with any questions.