Service Projects

Jesuit High School has a long history of its students volunteering their time and talent to both local and global communities. Jesuit’s service program provides students with a dynamic learning experience that allows them to grow as Christians in service to others. The motivation for this work comes from Christ’s example in the gospels, the Catholic Church’s commitment to social justice, Jesuit’s goal of educating leaders in the community, and the student’s selfless desire to help his fellow man.

The rewards for the student are many: a better understanding of the challenges faced by the elderly, disabled, and impoverished; a deeper empathy for these groups; and the development of skills applicable to any student’s future career path. A key goal of the program is to broaden the student’s concerns beyond the self, and begin forming him as an agent for good in his community.

The Service Programming at Jesuit High School exists to serve the school’s mission. From the earliest days of the Society of Jesus, the mission of Jesuit schools was to form its students to be the best and brightest, in order that they might be the best for the world. Thus, at the very heart of a Jesuit education is the power and desire to transform and sanctify the world.  

Therefore, Jesuit High School desires to enable its students to become “men for others” — men of faith who are motivated by genuine Gospel charity; new men transformed by the message of Christ, who are open to their own time and to the future; leaders who have acquired a way of life that is a proclamation of the love of Christ, of faith, and of justice. 

Before each student receives his diploma at graduation, he is required to take part in a variety of service activities. This includes a single day of service during his sophomore year, as well as a 100-hour service project beginning in his junior year. In addition, all students participate in Jesuit’s decades-old Thanksgiving Drive. For more information on these requirements, see the links below.

Additionally, throughout the school year, Jesuit encourages students to participate in a wide variety of voluntary service activities. Common opportunities include tutoring at local elementary schools, rebuilding blighted houses, participating in public beautification projects, or assisting the homeless. Between required and voluntary service, Blue Jays exceed 30,000 volunteer hours in a given year, to more than 40 charitable organizations.

And it doesn’t end at graduation. Alumni continue the Jesuit tradition of service throughout their lives, striving to be Men for Others. Blue Jays volunteer at their churches, in their communities, and at their alma mater.

Student service opportunities are coordinated by Scott Delatte ’06, Jesuit’s director of community service. For Community Service Project expectations, please refer to the Bulletin.

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