Alumni Giving Drive

Claiborne Perrilliat, George Papale, and Tommy Perrien reach out to Jays in the Class of 1962.

The generosity of our alumni who support the annual Alumni Giving Drive allows us to keep Jesuit’s tuition one of the lowest in the metro area and the lowest among traditional Jesuit schools nationwide.

The purpose of the annual Alumni Giving Drive (AGD) is to raise funds for Jesuit’s annual operations. Your tax-deductible donations assist with offsetting Jesuit’s operating expenses, thus bridging the gap between total operating income and expenditures.

Additionally, donations to the AGD help maintain affordable tuition which results in a more diverse student population, one of the hallmarks of a Jesuit education. Donations from alumni helps keep Jesuit … Jesuit, the school that will have a positive influence in the lives of current and future students.

If you have questions about the Alumni Giving Drive, or would like to volunteer for the fall and/or spring phone campaigns, sign-up online, or email or call (504) 483-3841.

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Our Stories: 2017-18 Alumni Giving Drive

“Lead-off Hitter,” Johnny Giavotella, Jr. ’05

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Our “lead-off hitter” for the alumni testimonials is Johnny Giavotella, a 2005 alumnus who used the education and training he received at Carrollton & Banks to make it all the way to the big leagues…literally.

“The Launch,” Fr. Christopher Fronk, S.J.


Fr. Christopher Fronk, S.J., president of Jesuit High School, launches the 2017-18 Alumni Giving Drive (AGD) by introducing himself to all Blue Jay alumni across the world. Fr. Fronk tells his story to alums young and old and explains that he chose Jesuit New Orleans on his own. In January of 2018, Fr. Fronk begins his second full year as president.