Endowed Scholarships

Fr. Raymond Fitzgerald, S.J. '76 with the Pontiff Family, from left, Nick '04, Terry, Wally, Sr., and Haley. The Pontiffs endowed Jesuit High School's first Full Education Fund.
Fr. Raymond Fitzgerald, S.J. ’76 with the Pontiff Family, from left, Nick ’04, Terry, Wally, Sr., and Haley. The Pontiffs endowed Jesuit High School’s first Full Education Fund.

Endowing a scholarship at Jesuit High School in the name of a family member, loved one, or friend is a unique and meaningful way to honor and remember the individual. Jesuit provides two named endowment vehicles: scholarships and Full Education Funds.

Jesuit flexibly works with donors to complete funding of partial scholarships to ensure that the scholarship becomes fully endowed in a reasonable amount of time. Gifts to scholarships are tax deductible.

Once a scholarship or Full Education Fund becomes fully endowed, a handsome plaque with the name of the scholarship is displayed permanently on campus at Jesuit. Jesuit also hosts a small reception for family members upon completion if the donor chooses to do so. The reception is typically preceded by a Vigil Mass in the Holy Name of Jesus Chapel located on the second floor of the Banks Street administration building.

If you are interested in starting a Full Education Fund or endowing a scholarship, contact Christian Bautista, Director of Institutional Advancement, at (504) 483-3814 or bautista@jesuitnola.org.

Full Education Funds

A fully endowed Full Education Fund (FEF) is $250,000. The annual return on the principal investment from an FEF equals the full cost of tuition plus the annual “gap” ($4,664 for fiscal year 2024), the actual total cost of educating a Blue Jay.

Ambrose Patrick Gootee Full Education FundFull
Gayle & Tom Benson Charitable Foundation Full Education FundFull
Robert H. Boh ’47 Full Education FundFull
Jason ’04 & Warren ’74 Bourgeois Families Full Education FundFull
Malcolm S. Disimone Full Education FundFull
Ivan M. Foley, Sr. ’33 Family & Fr. Albert S. Foley, S.J. ’29 Full Education FundFull
Rev. Anthony F. McGinn, S.J. Full Education FundFull
Michael H. McGarry ’76 & William A. McGarry, Jr. ’72 Full Education FundFull
Lynn & Robert D. Murphy, Jr. ’69 Full Education FundFull
Robert & Lynn Murphy FoundationFull
Wally Pontiff, Jr. ’99 & Raymond Fitzgerald, S.J. ’76 Full Education FundFull
Stanley W. Ray, Jr. Full Education FundFull
James P. Raymond, Jr. Full Education FundFull
Jane & John G. “Chick” Schoen, Jr. ’63 Full Education FundFull
Tonti Family Full Education Fund: Robert & Margaret, Robert ’79, Michael ’81, and John ’84Full
Raymond R. Fitzgerald, Sr. & Mary Caire Fitzgerald FundPartial
Jude J. Heath ’82 Full Education FundPartial


A fully endowed Scholarship Fund is $75,000. Scholarships make it possible for deserving students from all walks of life and from all over the New Orleans metropolitan area to attend Jesuit High School.

Class of 1938 ScholarshipFull
Class of 1945 ScholarshipFull
Class of 1956 ScholarshipFull
Class of 1959 ScholarshipFull
Class of 1963 ScholarshipFull
Class of 1965 ScholarshipFull
Class of 1966 ScholarshipFull
Class of 1968 ScholarshipFull
Class of 1969 ScholarshipFull
Class of 1970 Gold Star ScholarshipFull
Class of 1976 (Parents of Fr. Fitzgerald) ScholarshipFull
Class of 1990 ScholarshipFull
Capt. Nick J. Accardo, M.D. ScholarshipFull
Rosina Cognato Accardo ScholarshipFull
Almar Foundation ScholarshipFull
Faye & Ralph Alvarez ScholarshipFull
Denise and Ronald Alvarez ’75 Scholarship FundFull
Robert B. Anderson, Jr. ’42 ScholarshipFull
Rev. Thomas E. Barberito, S.J. ScholarshipFull
Frank & Josephine Gallo Barreca ScholarshipFull
Eugene H. & Paul M. Barrios ScholarshipFull
John A “Jack” Belsom ’51 ScholarshipFull
Rev. Edgar J. Bernard , S.J. ScholarshipFull
Joseph V. Bologna ScholarshipFull
Henry F. Bonura, Jr. ScholarshipFull
Linda & Frank Bordelon ’59 ScholarshipFull
Bruce J. Borrello ’50 ScholarshipFull
Rev. Claude P. Boudreaux, S.J. ScholarshipFull
Shawn Bowles ScholarshipFull
James & Kay Brandau ScholarshipFull
Clendon J. Butera ScholarshipFull
James L. and Carolyn B. Butler ScholarshipFull
Andrew P. Caneza ’43 Operation Upgrade ScholarshipFull
Aguste Capdeville Foundation ScholarshipFull
Nicholas E. Caruso ScholarshipFull
George J. Cassard III ’56 Family ScholarshipFull
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph A. Childress, Sr. ’35 ScholarshipFull
Salvadore J. Christiana ’52 Scholarship #1Full
Wallie & Jules L. Coco ’69 ScholarshipFull
Philip R. & Mary C. Collins Full Education FundFull
Bob and Loretta Coleman Memorial ScholarshipFull
Robert J. Conrad, Jr. ScholarshipFull
Linda Vath & Michael E. Coney ’63 ScholarshipFull
Sissy & René A. Curry, Jr. ’56 ScholarshipFull
Thomas D. Daley ScholarshipFull
Dr. & Mrs. William J. Dardis ’25 ScholarshipFull
Br. William J. Dardis, S.J. ’58 ScholarshipFull
Gaston Antoine De La Bretonne, Jr. M.D. ’51 and his Mother Esther J. Marquer Memorial ScholarshipFull
William M. Detweiler, Jr. Memorial ScholarshipFull
Emma Jaquet Disimone ScholarshipFull
F. Robert Duplantier – Boys Hope ScholarshipFull
Hon. Adrian G. Duplantier ’45 ScholarshipFull
Duplantier Family ScholarshipFull
Gwendolyn B. & Ralph D. Dwyer, Jr. ScholarshipFull
J. Michael Early ScholarshipFull
Elmore Francis Rigamer, Sr. & Rita Mary Dazet ScholarshipFull
Hugh McCloskey Evans ScholarshipFull
Fran & John Faherty ’53 ScholarshipFull
Guy G. Faulstich ’67 ScholarshipFull
Elizabeth Leigh Faust ScholarshipFull
Frank L. Faust & Ruth Reuter Faust ScholarshipFull
Ruth U. Fertel ScholarshipFull
James E. Fitzmorris, Sr. ScholarshipFull
Norris V. Fitzmorris ’50 ScholarshipFull
James E. Fitzmorris, Jr. ’39 ScholarshipFull
The Fr. Raymond Fitzgerald, S.J. Student ScholarshipFull
St. Marc J. Flotte ScholarshipFull
C.L. Ford ’43 & Don Ford ’47 ScholarshipFull
Edmund Fortier ScholarshipFull
Forshag Family ScholarshipFull
Johanna & Donald U. Frutiger Memorial ScholarshipFull
Michael J. Galvin Family ScholarshipFull
Jane W. and Adam C. Gambel ’34 ScholarshipFull
Robert A. Generes ’41 ScholarshipFull
Rev. Jean Marie Germain ScholarshipFull
Dale and Roy Gibson ’65 ScholarshipFull
Gerard J. Gillen ScholarshipFull
R. Jerry Glas ScholarshipFull
Marjorie & Raymond Goodspeed ’35 ScholarshipFull
William E Greve ’37 ScholarshipFull
Haddad Family ScholarshipFull
Stephen S. Hall ’75 ScholarshipFull
Harlan Family Scholarship: Chris ’97, Mark ’99, Scott ’01Full
Maurice F. Hatrel, Jr.’43 ScholarshipFull
Heard Family ScholarshipFull
Christian Blaine Hebert ScholarshipFull
Barbara & Charles Heim Endowment FundFull
Patricia A. Tibbits & Sterling J. Helwick, Jr. ’69 ScholarshipFull
William B. Higgins, Jr ’29 & Donald V. Higgins ’32 ScholarshipFull
Andrew E. Hillery ScholarshipFull
Robert E. Hogan ScholarshipFull
Louise McQuirk & Samuel Hottinger Full Education FundFull
Elizabeth G. & Murray G. Hurd ScholarshipFull
Linda & Luis Ingles Family ScholarshipFull
The Jackman Family Scholarship in Memory of Dorothy and Jack JackmanFull
David F. Jaubert ’75 ScholarshipFull
Albert P. Keller Family ScholarshipFull
Richard Kernion Family ScholarshipFull
Nellie Flynn Kingsmill ScholarshipFull
Mr. & Mrs. William B. Kitchen, Sr. Boys Hope ScholarshipFull
Connie & Thomas Kitchen ’65 ScholarshipFull
Olivia Schaefer Knop ScholarshipFull
Louis F. Knop, Jr. ScholarshipFull
Alden J. Laborde ScholarshipFull
Dr. Wallace J. Landry, Jr. & Clare B. Landry ScholarshipFull
Mr. & Mrs. C.W. Lartigue IV ’60 ScholarshipFull
Ronald “Snow” Lenfant ’42 & Rodney Lenfant ’80 ScholarshipFull
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph P. Licciardi, Sr. ScholarshipFull
Louisiana Liaison Group ScholarshipFull
Mary Alice Long ScholarshipFull
Norma & John K. Long ’49 ScholarshipFull
Luke & Josie Lukinovich Memorial ScholarshipFull
Lisa & Richard Maia ’72 ScholarshipFull
Gladys & J. Ashton Majeau ScholarshipFull
Richard H. Marshall ScholarshipFull
Ulisse Marinoni Nolan Family ScholarshipFull
Marie C. & Benigno A. Martinez ScholarshipFull
Logan J. Martin ’84 ScholarshipFull
Maud Blossman McCarron ScholarshipFull
Charles J. & Laurene Wu McClain ScholarshipFull
Charles “Sonny” McEvoy ’90 Full Education FundFull
Rev. Anthony McGinn, S.J. ’66 Scholarship (Donated by the Class of 1985)Full
Wanda & Michael McGarry ’76 ScholarshipFull
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph R. McMahon, Jr. ScholarshipFull
Mr. & Mrs. John M. McMahon ScholarshipFull
Mary McNeally ScholarshipFull
Joseph A. Metzler ’33 ScholarshipFull
Robert G. Miller, M.D. ScholarshipFull
Winnie Miller ScholarshipFull
Julio M. Minsal-Ruiz, S.J. ScholarshipFull
Patrick R. Mooney ’68 ScholarshipFull
Michael J. Moran ScholarshipFull
Rev. M. M. Mulvihill, S.J. ScholarshipFull
Robert D. Murphy, Sr. ’43 & Robert D. Murphy, Jr. ’69 ScholarshipFull
Murray Family ScholarshipFull
Ardell & George Nalley, Sr. ScholarshipFull
Dr. Robert A. Nicaud ’57 ScholarshipFull
Frederick Harvey Nicaud ScholarshipFull
Nunez Family ScholarshipFull
Frank S. Oser, Jr. M.D. ScholarshipFull
Our Lady of The Immaculate Conception ScholarshipFull
Mr. & Mrs. John C. Paquette & Son ScholarshipFull
Rev. Daniel W. Partridge, S.J. ScholarshipFull
Timothy “Timmy” Parenton ’80 ScholarshipFull
Mary & Vincent J. “Joe” Perez III ’49 ScholarshipFull
Pettingill Brothers Scholarship: Bernard ’65, Jeffery ’66, William ’68, & Byron ’70Full
Rev. A. Patrick Phillips, S.J. ScholarshipFull
Francis A. Plough ScholarshipFull
Mr. & Mrs. J. Kevin Poorman ’69 ScholarshipFull
Jamie Porter Memorial ScholarshipFull
Ronald M. Porter, Sr. ’45 ScholarshipFull
W.D. “Maybelle” Postell ScholarshipFull
William D. Postell ScholarshipFull
Wilfred O. Prados, Jr. Family ScholarshipFull
Francis J. Prevost ScholarshipFull
Emile A. Rainold III ’56 ScholarshipFull
Leola B. Raymond ScholarshipFull
Gerrard E. Raymond ScholarshipFull
Br. Joseph Remich, S.J. ScholarshipFull
Milton ’Mickey’ Retif Scholarship – (Metro Baseball)Full
Clarence G. Reuther, Jr. ScholarshipFull
Robert W. Riordan, Jr. ’54 ScholarshipFull
Raymond S. & Louise Rizzo ScholarshipFull
Grace Redding & George A. Rizzo, Sr. ScholarshipFull
Rizzo Family Foundation ScholarshipFull
Alphonsus Rodriguez, S.J. ScholarshipFull
Stephen B. Rodi, Sr. ’32 ScholarshipFull
The Maidee Daigle Rodriguez ScholarshipFull
Louie J. Roussel III ScholarshipFull
Mary and Gus Roux, Jr. ’49 ScholarshipFull
Christopher “Brent” Rozas ’90 ScholarshipFull
Mr. & Mrs. Edward N. Ryan ScholarshipFull
Janet and John Ryan ’70 Full Education FundFull
James & Enell Ryder ScholarshipFull
Rev. Nicholas T. Schiro, S.J. ’44 ScholarshipFull
Rev. Paul W. Schott, S.J. ’40 ScholarshipFull
Theodore & Josephine Schiro ScholarshipFull
Philip J. Schoen III ’36 ScholarshipFull
Bernard I. Schott ScholarshipFull
Betsy & Jim Schnieders ScholarshipFull
Owen Seiler Family ScholarshipFull
Edward W. Skinner ScholarshipFull
Michael C. Slaughter Scholarship #1Full
Bryan D. Spraberry ’83 ScholarshipFull
Daniel J. “Rusty” Staub ’61 ScholarshipFull
Mire J. “M.J.” Thomas ’48 ScholarshipFull
Oscar J. Tolmas ScholarshipFull
Andrew Quirk & Harry Tompson ScholarshipFull
Harry M. & Jeanne R. Tompson ScholarshipFull
Edwin “Eddie” Toribio ScholarshipFull
Coach Kevin Trower ScholarshipFull
Frederick W. “Fritz” Veters ScholarshipFull
Roger G. Vincent ’33 ScholarshipFull
Gilbert J. Vincent ’27 ScholarshipFull
Vincent Family ScholarshipFull
Harry Waldo ’45 Family ScholarshipFull
Michael J. Waldo ’70 ScholarshipFull
Francis Xavier Waldo ’54 ScholarshipFull
A.T. Webber, Jr. & H. W. Christenberry, Jr. ScholarshipFull
Leo A. Welcker ’45 ScholarshipFull
Michael J. Wheat Memorial ScholarshipFull
Linda Birdsall Wilson ScholarshipFull
Albert J. Winters, Sr. ScholarshipFull
Paul J. Zerangue, Jr. ’42 ScholarshipFull
Class of 1958 ScholarshipPartial
John D. Becker ’57 ScholarshipPartial
The Bonifacic Family ScholarshipPartial
James W. Brandau ’51 ScholarshipPartial
Blaise M. Carriere ScholarshipPartial
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph A. Casey ScholarshipPartial
Michael J. Coogan ’65 Scholarship FundPartial
Eunice Knop Accardo ScholarshipPartial
Rev. Raymond Fitzgerald, S.J. ’76 (Donated by the Class of 1998)Partial
Fortuna Family ScholarshipPartial
Geoffrey Gillen, M.D, ’95 ScholarshipPartial
Joseph A. Grace II ScholarshipPartial
Guiseppe Accardo ScholarshipPartial
Rev. Donald A. Hawkins, S.J. ScholarshipPartial
Rev. Elwood Hecker, S.J. ScholarshipPartial
Heigle Family ScholarshipPartial
Dorothy and Sterling Helwick, Sr. ScholarshipPartial
Joseph Maselli III ScholarshipPartial
Michael G. Ory ScholarshipPartial
Rev. Herve’ P. Racivitch, S.J. ScholarshipPartial
Rivalry Account ScholarshipPartial
Malcolm P. Schwarzenbach ScholarshipPartial
Sherry Family Scholarship: Mettery ’54, Charles ’80, Dean ’83, and Alexander ’12Partial
Dr. Vincent V. Tumminello, Sr. ’50 Family ScholarshipPartial