Endowed Scholarships

Fr. Raymond Fitzgerald, S.J. '76 with the Pontiff Family, from left, Nick '04, Terry, Wally, Sr., and Haley. The Pontiffs endowed Jesuit High School's first Full Education Fund.
Fr. Raymond Fitzgerald, S.J. ’76 with the Pontiff Family, from left, Nick ’04, Terry, Wally, Sr., and Haley. The Pontiffs endowed Jesuit High School’s first Full Education Fund.

Endowing a scholarship at Jesuit High School in the name of a loved one is a unique way to honor and remember the individual. Your gifts are tax deductible.

A fully endowed scholarship is $75,000. Jesuit is flexible and will work with the donor to complete funding of a partial scholarship so that the scholarship becomes fully endowed in a reasonable amount of time. Once a scholarship becomes fully endowed, a handsome plaque with the name of the scholarship is placed in the Hall of Honors. Jesuit will also host a small reception for family members, typically on a Saturday afternoon, if the donor chooses to do so. The reception is usually preceded by a Vigil Mass in the Holy Name of Jesus Chapel located on the second floor of the Banks Street administration building.

Jesuit has recently introduced a new vehicle to grow its endowment — the Full Education Fund (FEF). The cost of a fully endowed FEF is $250,000. The annual income from an FEF equals the amount of a full-cost tuition (tuition and gap — the difference between tuition and the actual cost of educating a Blue Jay).

If you are interested in starting a Full Education Fund — or endowing a regular scholarship at $75,000 — contact Tom Bagwill, director of institutional advancement, at (504) 483-3841 or bagwill@jesuitnola.org.

Full Education Funds (Endowed)

BensonGayle & Tom Benson Charitable Foundation Full Education Fund
BohRobert H. Boh ’47 Full Education Fund
BourgeoisJason ’04 and Warren ’74 Bourgeois Families Full Education Fund
FoleyIvan M. Foley, Sr. ’33 Family & Fr. Albert S. Foley, S.J. ’29 Full Education Fund
GooteeAmbrose P. Gootee Full Education Fund
ManionHazel & William Manion ’33 Full Education Fund
McGarryMichael H. McGarry ’76 & William A. McGarry ’72 Full Education Fund
McGinnRev. Anthony McGinn, S.J. Full Education Fund
MurphyLynn & Robert D. .Murphy, Jr. ’69 Full Education Fund
Pontiff/FitzgeraldWally Pontiff, Jr. ’99 & Fr. Raymond Fitzgerald, S.J. ’76 Full Education Fund
RaymondJames P. Raymond, Jr. Full Education Fund
Tonti Tonti Family Full Education Fund

Full Education Funds (Partially Endowed)

FitzgeraldRaymond R. Fitzgerald, Sr. & Mary Caire Fitzgerald Full Education Fund

Scholarships (Endowed)

1938Class of 1938 Scholarship 
1945Class of 1945 Scholarship 
1956Class of 1956 Scholarship 
1959Class of 1959 Scholarship 
1963Class of 1963 Scholarship 
1965Class of 1965 Scholarship
1966Class of 1966 Scholarship 
1968Class of 1968 Scholarship 
1976Class of 1976 (Parents of Fr. Fitzgerald) Scholarship 
1990Class of 1990 Scholarship 
AccardoCapt. Nick J. Accardo, M.D. Scholarship 
AlmarAlmar Foundation Scholarship 
AlumniAlumni Foundation Scholarship 
AndersonRobert B. Anderson, Jr. ’50 Scholarship
BarberitoRev. Thomas E. Barberito, S.J. Scholarship 
BarrecaFrank & Josephine Gallo Barreca Scholarship 
BarriosEugene H. & Paul M. Barrios Scholarship 
BelsomJohn A. “Jack” Belsom ’51 Scholarship 
BernardRev. Edgar J. Bernard, S.J. Scholarship 
BolognaJoseph V. Bologna Scholarship 
BonuraHenry F. Bonura, Jr. Scholarship 
BordelonLinda & Frank Bordelon ’59 Scholarship 
BorrelloBruce J. Borrello ’50 Scholarship 
BowlesShawn Bowles Scholarship 
BrandauJames & Kay Brandau Scholarship 
ButeraClendon J. Butera Scholarship 
ButlerJames L. & Carolyn B. Butler Scholarship
CanezaAndrew P. Caneza ’43 Operations Upgrade Scholarship 
CapdevilleAguste Capdeville Foundation Scholarship 
CarusoNicholas E. Caruso Scholarship 
CassardGeorge J. Cassard III Family ’56 Scholarship 
ChildressMr. & Mrs. Joseph A. Childress, Sr. ’35 Scholarship 
ChristianaSalvadore J. Christiana ’52 Scholarship #1 
CocoWallie & Jules L. Coco ’69 Scholarship 
ColemanBob & Loretta Coleman Memorial Scholarship 
CollinsPhilip R. & Mary C. Collins Scholarship 
ConeyLinda Vath & Michael E. Coney ’63 Scholarship * 
ConradRobert J. Conrad, Jr. Scholarship 
CurrySissy & René A. Curry, Jr. ’56 Scholarship 
DaleyThomas D. Daley Scholarship 
DardisDr. & Mrs. William J. Dardis ’25 Scholarship 
DardisBr. William J. Dardis, S.J. ’58 Scholarship 
Disimone, E.Emma Jaquet Disimone Scholarship 
Disimone, M.Malcolm S. Disimone Scholarship 
DuplantierDuplantier Family Scholarship 
Duplantier, A.Hon. Adrian G. Duplantier ’45 Scholarship 
Duplantier, F.R.F. Robert Duplantier — Boys Hope Scholarship 
DwyerGwendolyn B. & Ralph D. Dwyer, Jr. Scholarship 
EarlyJ. Michael Early Scholarship 
EvansHugh McCloskey Evans Scholarship 
FaustElizabeth Leigh Faust Scholarship 
FaustDr. Frank “Lee” Faust ’33 Scholarship 
FaustFrank L. Faust & Ruth Reuter Faust Scholarship 
FertelRuth U. Fertel Scholarship 
Fitzmorris, JJames E. Fitzmorris, Jr. ’39 Scholarship 
Fitzmorris, J.James E. Fitzmorris, Sr. Scholarship 
Fitzmorris, N.Norris V. Fitzmorris ’50 Scholarship 
FlotteSt. Marc J. Flotte Scholarship 
FoleyIvan M. Foley, Sr. ‘ 33 Family & Fr. Albert S. Foley, S.J. ’29 Scholarship
FordC. L. Ford ’43 & Don Ford ’47 Scholarship 
FortierEdmund Fortier Scholarship 
GalvinMichael J. Galvin Family Scholarship 
GambelAdam C. Gambel ’34 Scholarship 
GeneresRobert A. Generes ’41 Scholarship 
GennaroGlenn J. Gennero ’66 Scholarship 
GermainRev. Jean M. Germain Scholarship 
GillenGerard J. Gillen Scholarship 
GlasR. Jerry Glas ’23 Scholarship 
GoodspeedMarjorie & Raymond Goodspeed ’35 Scholarship 
GPOAGPOA Foundation Scholarship 
GreveWilliam E. Greve ’37 Scholarship 
HaddadHaddad Family Scholarship 
HallStephen S. Hall ’75 Scholarship 
HarlanHarlan Family Scholarship 
HaroldElliotte & Elizabeth Harold Scholarship 
HatrelMaurice F. Hatrel, Jr. ’43 Scholarship 
HeardHeard Family Scholarship 
HebertChristian Blaine Hebert Memorial Scholarship 
HigginsWilliam B. Higgins, Jr. ’29 & Donald V. Higgins ’32 Scholarship
HilleryAndrew E. Hillery Scholarship 
HoganRobert Emmett Hogan Scholarship 
HottingerLouise McQuirk & Samuel Hottinger Scholarship 
HurdElizaberth G. & Murray G. Hurd Scholarship 
InglésLinda & Luis Inglés Family Scholarship 
JaubertDavid F. Jaubert ’75 Scholarship 
JesuitJesuit High School Scholarship 
KellerAlbert P. Keller Family Scholarship 
KingsmillNellie Flynn Kingsmill Scholarship 
KitchenMr. & Mrs. William B. Kitchen, Sr. — Boys Hope Scholarship 
KitchenConnie & Thomas Kitchen ’65 Scholarship 
KnopLouis F. Knop, Jr. Scholarship 
KnopOlivia Schaefer Knop Scholarship 
LabordeAlden J. Laborde Scholarship 
LandryDr. Wallace Landry & Clare Landry Scholarship 
LicciardiMr. & Mrs. Joseph P. Licciardi, Sr. Scholarship 
LouisianaLouisiana Liaison Group Scholarship (Coordinated by Mr. Jeremy J. Mancheski ’90) 
MajeauJ. Ashton & Gladys Majeau Scholarship 
MarshallRichard H. Marshall Scholarship 
MartinLogan Joseph Martin Scholarship 
MartinezBenigno Andres & Marie Catherine Martinez Scholarship
(Donated by Marie Carolyn & Benigno Andres Martinez, Jr. ’35)
BlossmanMaud Blossman McCarron Scholarship 
McClainCharles J. & Laurene Wu McClain Scholarship 
McEvoyCharles “Sonny” McEvoy ’90 Scholarship 
McGarryMr. & Mrs. Michael H. McGarry ’76 Scholarship 
McGinnRev. Anthony McGinn, S.J. ’66 Scholarship (Donated by the Class of 1985) 
McMahonMr. & Mrs. John M. McMahon Scholarship 
McMahonMr. & Mrs. Joseph R. McMahon, Jr. Scholarship 
McNeallyMary McNeally Scholarship 
MetzlerJoseph A. Metzler ’33 Scholarship 
Miller, R.Robert G. Miller, M.D. Scholarship 
Miller, W.Winnie Miller Scholarship (Donated by the Byron & Pat LeBlanc Fund) 
Minsal-RuizJulio M. Minsal-Ruiz, S.J. Scholarship 
MoranMichael J. Moran Scholarship 
MulvihillRev. M. M. Mulvihill, S.J. Scholarship 
MurphyRobert D. Murphy, Sr. ’43 & Robert D. Murphy, Jr. ’69 Scholarship 
MurrayMurray Family Scholarship 
Murray, H.Hubert Murray Scholarship 
NalleyArdell & George Nalley, Sr. Scholarship 
N.O. HispanicN.O. Hispanic Heritage Foundation Scholarship 
NolanUlisse Marinoni Nolan Family Scholarship 
Nicaud, F.Frederick Harvey Nicaud Scholarship 
Nicaud, R.Dr. Robert A. Nicaud ’57 Scholarship 
NorrisRichard Norris Foundation Scholarship 
PaquetteMr. & Mrs. John C. Paquette & Son Scholarship 
PartridgeRev. Daniel W. Partridge, S.J. Scholarship 
Peré MarquettePeré Marquette Foundation Scholarship 
PerezMary & Vincent J. “Joe” Perez III ’49 Scholarship 
PettingillPettingill Brothers Scholarship: Bernard ’65, Jeffery ’66, William ’68, & Byron ’70
PhillipsRev. A. Patrick Phillips, S.J. Scholarship 
PloughFrancis A. Plough Scholarship 
Poor BoysPoor Boys Scholarship 
PoormanJeanne & J. Kevin Poorman ’69 Scholarship 
Porter, J.Jamie Porter Memorial Scholarship 
Porter, R.Ronald M. Porter, Sr. ’45 Scholarship 
Postell, M.Mrs. W.D. “Maybelle” Postell Scholarship 
Postell, W.William D. Postell Scholarship 
PrevostFrancis J. Prevost Scholarship 
QuirkAndrew Quirk & Harry Tompson Scholarship 
RayStanley W. Ray, Jr. Scholarship 
Raymond, G.Gerrard E. Raymond Scholarship 
Raymond, L.Leola B. Raymond Scholarship 
RemichBr. Joseph Remich, S.J., Scholarship 
RetifMilton “Mickey” Retif Scholarship — Metro Baseball 
ReutherClarence G. Reuther, Jr. Scholarship 
RigamerRita & Elmore Rigamer, Sr. Scholarship 
RiordanRobert W. Riordan, Jr. ’54 Scholarship 
RizzoRizzo Family Foundation Scholarship 
Rizzo, G.Grace Redding & George A. Rizzo, Sr. Scholarship 
Rizzo, R.Raymond S. & Louise Rizzo Scholarship 
RodiStephen B. Rodi, Sr. ’32 Scholarship 
RodriguezAlphonsus Rodriguez, S.J. Scholarship
RodriguezMaidee Daigle Rodriguez Scholarship 
RosaMaryRosaMary Foundation Scholarship 
RousselLouie J. Roussel III Scholarship 
RozasChristopher “Brent” Rozas ’90 Scholarship 
RyanMr. & Mrs. Edward N. Ryan Scholarship 
RyderJames & Enell Ryder Scholarship 
SchiroRev. Nicholas T. Schiro, S.J. ’44 Scholarship
SchiroTheodore & Josephine Schiro Scholarship 
SchottBernard I. Schott Scholarship
SchottRev. Paul W. Schott, S.J. ’40 Scholarship 
SeilerOwen Seiler Family Scholarship 
SkinnerEdward W. Skinner Scholarship 
Slaughter, 1Michael C. Slaughter Scholarship #1 
Slaughter, 2Michael C. Slaughter Scholarship #2 
SpraberryBryan D. Spraberry Scholarship 
StaubDaniel J. “Rusty” Staub Scholarship 
TessierMark A. Tessier Scholarship 
ThomasMire J. “M.J.” Thomas ’48 Scholarship 
TompsonHarry M. & Jeanne R. Tompson Scholarship 
ToribioEdwin “Eddie” Toribio Scholarship 
TumminelloDr. Vincent V. Tumminello, Sr. ’50 Family Scholarship
Van GeffenVan Geffen Foundation Scholarship 
Van StuddifordVan Studdiford Scholarship 
Vincent, G.Gilbert J. Vincent ’27 Scholarship 
Vincent, R.Roger G. Vincent ’33 Scholarship 
Vincent, W.William S. Vincent, Sr. ’32 Scholarship 
Waldo, H.Harry Waldo ’45 Family Scholarship 
Waldo, M.Michael J. Waldo ’70 Scholarship 
WebberA. T. Webber, Jr. & Herbert W. Christenberry, Jr. Scholarship 
WheatMichael J. Wheat Memorial Scholarship 
WilsonLinda Birdsall Wilson Scholarship 
WintersAlbert J. Winters, Sr. Scholarship 
ZeringuePaul J. Zerangue, Jr. ’42 Scholarship 

Scholarships (Partially Endowed) Note: Partial scholarships are listed only if they are active or have reached 25% of their endowed amount.

1935Class of 1935 Scholarship 
1970Class of 1970 Gold Star Scholarship 
1998Rev. Raymond Fitzgerald, S.J. ’76 Scholarship (Donated by the Class of 1998) 
Accardo, E.Eunice Knop Accardo Scholarship 
Accardo, G.Guiseppe Accardo Scholarship 
Accardo, M.Mary Cunata Accardo Scholarship 
AnonymousAnonymous Scholarship 
BarriosEugene J. & Digby W. Barrios Scholarship 
CarrollPhilip J. Carroll, Jr. ’54 Scholarship 
ChildressMr. & Mrs. Joseph A. Childress, Sr. Scholarship 
ChristianaSalvadore J. Christiana ’51 Scholarship #2 
CronvichJames A. & Mary L. Cronvich Scholarship 
FaulstichGuy Faulstich ’67 Scholarship 
FitzgeraldRev. Raymond Fitzgerald, S.J. ’76 Scholarship (Donated by the Class of 1998) 
FordNorma Ford Scholarship 
GraceJoseph A. Grace II Scholarship 
HeigleHeigle Family Scholarship 
HelwickPatricia A. Tibbits and Sterling J. Helwick ’69 Scholarship 
KernionRichard Kernion Family Scholarship 
LartigueMr. & Mrs. C.W. Lartigue IV ’60 Scholarship
LongMary A. Long Scholarship 
LukinovichLuke & Josie Lukinovich Memorial Scholarship
LynchPatrick M. Lynch Scholarship 
McCafferyMr. & Mrs. Thomas D. McCaffery, Sr. Scholarship 
McGinnRev. Anthony McGinn, S.J. ’66 Scholarship (Donated by the Class of 1985) 
MooneyPatrick R. Mooney ’68 Scholarship 
NunezNunez Family Scholarship 
OryMichael G. Ory Scholarship 
OserFrank S. Oser, Jr., M.D. Scholarship 
PradosWilfred O. Prados, Jr. ’48 Family Scholarship 
RacivitchRev. Herve’ Racivitch, S.J. Scholarship
SchwarzenbachMalcolm P. Schwarzenbach Scholarship 
TolmasOscar J. Tolmas Scholarship 
VetersFrederick W. “Fritz” Veters Scholarship 
WaringPatrick H. Waring Family Scholarship 
WelckerLeo A. Welcker ’45 Scholarship 
WetzelWetzel Family Scholarship ↑ Top