Philosophy & Eligibility

Role of Athletics at Jesuit

Athletics is co-curricular to the school’s program of education aligning with both the educational model of athletics and the mission statement of Jesuit High School. The athletic program provides an abundant opportunity for social, spiritual, physical, emotional, and intellectual growth for student-athletes. In this regard, the athletic program is viewed as a contributor to the Profile of the Graduate at Graduation.

Jesuit High School recognizes that the educational model of athletics can play an integral role in the development of character and values in the student-athlete. Such participation should be regarded as a privilege that carries with it responsibilities to the sport, to the program, to the student body, to the community, and to the student-athletes themselves. These experiences can contribute to the development of learning skills and emotional patterns within the framework of the athletic process. Through intentional coaching, this process enables the sport to present and reinforce meaningful life lessons, enhancing the opportunity for the student-athlete to make maximum use of his education.


Athletics are encouraged among the students within reasonable limits. However, only those students are eligible whose standing in discipline and application to study is satisfactory. Thus, it is intended that athletics become a means of promoting intellectual progress as well as affording needed relaxation and physical exercise.

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