2018 Drop Off and Pick Up Procedures

Posted August 7, 2018 / Last updated August 7, 2018

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To drop off and pick up student from Jesuit, parents will enter Solomon St. from Banks St. and will exit on Solomon St. at Palmyra St. Vehicles are asked to stay to the right of Solomon St. for drop off and pick up. Once students have entered the vehicle at pick up, you may move to the left side of Solomon St. to proceed toward the exit.

Vehicles headed toward S. Carrollton on Banks St. cannot make a left turn into the Solomon St. entrance. Parents arriving on campus from that direction may drop off their son(s) in front of the Roussel Building. However, you will not be able to pick up students in front of the Roussel Building after school.

Please be aware that drop off and pick up is allowed in the second block of Banks St. next to Will Clark field.

The school yard parking lot is reserved for employees only and will be closed during the school day. Parents are asked to not block the yard gate during drop off and pick up in order to allow entry into and exit from the school yard for employees, busses, and vendors.

Parents and visitors who arrive on campus during the school day are asked to park in the Banks St. parking lot (next to the Roussel Building) and to enter the building on Banks St. at the blue awning. All visitors coming onto campus during the school day will need to check-in at the Banks St. entrance. A valid driver’s license will be required for entry.