Vaccination Status Update

The Louisiana Department of Health and local authorities require Jesuit to trace close contacts between students testing positive for COVID-19 and others. According to those same authorities, quarantine is not required for vaccinated students. Jesuit is asking parents to voluntarily update our student database with the current vaccination status of our students to streamline the close contact tracing effort.

Vaccinated Students

Parents of vaccinated students will receive an email alerting them of a close contact and encouraging the monitoring of their son for symptoms. No quarantine is necessary for vaccinated students. The CDC suggests a COVID-19 test be administered between 3 and 5 days after a close contact. 

Unvaccinated and Non-Reporting Students

Parents of unvaccinated or non-reporting students will be contacted alerting them of a close contact. Per local and state authorities, the usual quarantine protocol for that student will go into place.

Beginning from the day of a close contact, quarantined students will be required to stay home and participate in our on-line learning efforts for 7 days with a negative COVID-19 test, or 10 days. With no symptoms, an unvaccinated or non-reporting student may then return to in-person learning and other school activities. A more thorough explanation of the quarantine protocols required by the LDH can be found here.