COVID-19 Response

Jesuit will follow Louisiana Department of Health guidelines (which, in turn, are informed by CDC guidelines) and will update any and all policies accordingly as these guidelines evolve over time. Any student who does not feel well should stay home from school.

Starting Tuesday, January 4, students, faculty, and staff will not be required to wear a mask on campus with the exception of such cases as outlined in these Archdiocesan policies.

The information below has been updated to reflect new guidance from state, local, and Archdiocesan authorities.

Exposure & Testing

Close Contact / Direct Exposure

If a student has had close contact (generally considered being less than six feet apart for longer than 15 minutes) with someone showing symptoms of COVID-19 or who has tested positive for COVID-19, he should quarantine for 5 days from the time of last exposure. See the Vaccination Status Update form for details about how this policy is modified for vaccinated students.

Positive or Pending Test

Students should not come to school if they have a COVID-19 test pending. Pending or positive tests should be reported to Matt Orillion at (504) 483-3946 or If a student tests positive for COVID-19, before he returns to school he should:

  • self-isolate for at least 5 days from the onset of symptoms,
  • be fever free without the use of fever-reducing medications,
  • and show improvement of other symptoms.

Jesuit High School will be in contact with local health authorities to receive guidance in all situations involving student and faculty positive COVID-19 test results.

Vaccination Status and Quarantine

If exposed, a student’s vaccination status affects whether or not the student must quarantine. To view details about these policies, see the Vaccination Status Update form.

Academics During Quarantine

If a student is quarantined because of a positive test or because of a direct exposure, he will still retain his normal academic responsibilities while at home. Teachers will be providing supplementary, asynchronous instruction.

Just as with typical absences, students will coordinate with their teachers to make up missed assessments and assignments. Students who are quarantined will still keep pace with the same curriculum as their classmates.

Water Fountains

All campus water fountains have been replaced with bottle fill stations. Students may bring clear, transparent, plastic water bottles (with a cap or lid) to school with them to use throughout the day. Water may be consumed by students during breaks and lunch but not during class.

Campus Hours

We will not be opening our campus each day until 6:30 a.m. We will also be closing campus at 5:00 p.m. each day for all students who are not involved in a monitored school activity that lasts past 5:00 p.m.

COVID-19 Coordinator

Mr. Matthew Orillion ’98 will be acting as our COVID-19 Coordinator this school year to monitor and trace exposures and positive cases on campus.

All questions and inquiries specifically regarding COVID-19 should be directed to Mr. Orillion. If you find out that your son has had close contact with, is showing symptoms of, or has tested positive for COVID-19, report this information to Mr. Orillion at (504) 483-3946. Please be aware that all absences must be reported to the discipline office as usual.