Participation of Jesuit Parents in PAG Drive Yields Impressive Results

Posted September 27, 2013 / Last updated August 11, 2014

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PAG Sunday 2013_091513_16

PAG Sunday was a resounding success as many Jesuit families, like the Schmidts (pictured), not only came to the Mass, but also participated in what is an important campaign to keep tuition at a reasonable cost. It’s never too late to participate in the PAG drive if you haven’t already done so. View the Photo Gallery from PAG Sunday.

The 2013-14 PAG drive continues to enjoy the support of the vast majority of Jesuit’s parents. Two weeks out from PAG Sunday, which was Sept. 15, the drive has attracted 999 pledges totaling $1,188,535. Here is the breakdown by class:

PAG Stats

(as of Friday, Sept. 27, 2013)
Grade Level Number of Pledges Amount Pledged
Seniors 213 $259,003
Juniors 201 $228,623
Sophomores 194 $219,556
Freshmen 203 $207,591
Pre-freshmen 188 $273,762




Parents may donate to the PAG drive.