Student Body Elects Three E-Board Positions, Sends Secretary Position to Run-Off

Posted March 24, 2015 / Last updated March 24, 2015

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Pre-freshmen Bennett Pels and Cole Radetich deposit their votes in the ballot box.

Pre-freshmen Bennett Pels and Cole Radetich deposit their votes in the ballot box during lunchtime voting for next year’s slate of student council executive board officers.

Blue Jays of all grade levels exercised their right to vote by casting their ballots in the 2015-2016 Student Council Executive Board election. Following Monday’s election speeches, which ranged from heartfelt to humorous, Blue Jays took to the polls to elect three officers to next school year’s E-Board.

Election Results

One race — for the office of secretary — was too close to call and resulted in a run-off. The run-off vote will be held on Wednesday, March 25, with the final results available by Thursday. The candidates for that race are: sophomore William Fine and junior Andre Nguyen.

Results for the election of officers to the 2015-2016 student council executive board are:

Treasurer — junior Will Hurley

Vice President — junior Felix Rabito

President — junior Joseph Dupré

Grade Level Officers

While these results will determine the final slate of officers in the E-Board, the race for grade level officers is still open. Students from all grade levels interested in running for class level president can pick up nomination forms starting on Thursday from the student council office.

The Student Council is composed of representatives from all grade levels. Its purposes are:

  1. To serve as a unifying agency in support of all school activities

  2. To foster in the students the ideals of Jesuit High School and to inspire the highest type of school spirit

  3. To provide a means of creating better fellowship and understanding between faculty and students and among the students themselves

  4. To provide a greater opportunity for self-government and experience in democratic practices by affording a realistic representation of the views of the student body

  5. To develop in its members the ideals and practice of Christian leadership