Parents of Alumni Reflect on Lessons Learned from World Youth Day

Posted April 3, 2014 / Last updated April 8, 2014

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Junior Peyton Markey with grandmother Jacquelyn Markey and aunt Patti Mahoney.

Junior Peyton Markey with grandmother Jacquelyn Markey and aunt Patti Mahoney.

Parents of Blue Jay graduates attended the third annual POA Evening of Lenten Reflection in St. Ignatius Hall on Wednesday, April 2. The complimentary event, attended by over 120 parents, featured presentations by Fr. Raymond Fitzgerald, S.J. and junior Peyton Markey on their World Youth Day pilgrimage. The presentation was followed by the celebration of Mass in the Chapel of North American Martyrs and a reception back in St. Ignatius Hall.

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Fr. Fitzgerald and Peyton traveled to South America in July 2013 to experience World Youth Day. Both presentations described the pilgrimage as a journey to be closer to God and an experience of great companionship. Fr. Fitzgerald tied together the practical lessons learned from taking such a pilgrimage into the larger framework of faith formation at Jesuit High School:

Five Rules of Pilgrimage Translated into Faith Formation
1. Don’t complain. 1. Be grateful and focus on the good
2. Don’t complain. 2. Be VERY grateful and focus on the good
3. If you see a bathroom, use it. 3. Get rid of things that could harm you.
4. If you need something, ask. 4. Be humble.
5. If somebody asks you for something, give it to him. 5. Be generous.

This framework of faith formation ultimately flows from the mission of Jesus: to reconcile everything to God.

Jesuit is grateful for several parents who participated as volunteers for the event: Marianne Call and Joe Taranto served as readers for Mass, while Charlie and Joan Freel and John and Toni Serpas served as greeters.