Blue Jays Participate in Inaugural Retreat of St. Francis Borgia Leadership Institute

Posted August 14, 2014 / Last updated August 15, 2014

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Student Council President Joseph Dupré leads a session during the Borgia Leadership Retreat.

Student Council President Joseph Dupré leads a session during the St. Francis Borgia Leadership Institute Retreat.

From Aug. 5 – 7, 100 student leaders traveled to Camp Abbey in Covington, La. for the inaugural leadership retreat of the St. Francis Borgia Leadership Institute. The goal of the retreat was to reflect on the role of the student leader at Jesuit and to plan activities for the year for three of the major student organizations on campus: Student Ministry, Student Council, and the National Honor Society.

The retreat began with Mass and a presentation based on the Alexandre Havard book “Virtuous Leadership,” by director of student activities Mr. Matt Orillion. The book focuses on two key virtues of leadership: magnanimity and humility; as well as the four coordinal virtues of prudence, justice, fortitude, and temperance.

The first full day of the retreat began with a presentation on the history and traditions of student life at Jesuit by Alumni Director Mr. Mat Grau. After lunch, students listened to talks on leadership in the spiritual life of the school by Campus Minister Mr. Jeremy Reuther, leadership in the life of service by Director of Service Mr. Kevin Murphy, and on leadership in student organizations by Mr. Orillion. After Mass celebrated by Rev. Raymond Fitzgerald, S.J. ’76, Blue Jays brainstormed about the strengths and weaknesses of Student Life on campus.

Before the students boarded the buses to travel back to campus on the final day of the retreat, they set goals for the year, which will be revisited throughout the coming months.

The St. Francis Borgia Leadership Institute was formed to identify students interested in becoming leaders and those students who currently serve in leadership roles of school co-curricular activities, to develop in these students qualities and characteristics necessary to serve as leaders while at Jesuit and to prepare them for future leadership roles, and to promote collaboration and fraternity among the various co-curricular activities. The program seeks to integrate the role of service, school culture, and spiritual life of the students in formation.