Tuition and Financial Aid

Rather than compromising between offering a world-class education or offering an affordable tuition, Jesuit’s financial model is structured to allow us to do both by relying on the annual generosity of current parents, alumni, and parents of alumni.

While the full cost to education a Blue Jay for the 2023–2024 school year is $15,914, the actual tuition is set significantly below this, making Jesuit’s tuition one of the least expensive among Catholic and private high schools in the New Orleans area.

2023-24 Tuition$11,250
Registration Fee (All Students)$300
Estimated Incoming Student Books$100 – $350

All registration and tuition payments must be paid through Blackbaud. Payment information is provided directly to families by email each spring with several payment plan options available to families.

Scholarships and Financial Aid

Jesuit’s admissions process is “need-blind.” What does this mean?

Since the founding of Jesuit High School in 1847, no qualified young man has been refused admission because his family could not afford to pay all or part of the tuition. The school flourishes because of the generosity of its alumni and its parents who recognize the importance and value of a Jesuit education.

Jesuit boasts a substantial tuition assistance program supported by the school’s endowment, which began with a gift from alumnus and parent Henry Prevost in 1926. Today, benefactors continue to support Jesuit’s endowment through endowed scholarships that allow the school to maintain an admissions process in which ability to pay is not considered as a factor.

  • Families receive financial assistance totaling more than $1,250,000 each school year.
  • Families can receive partial or full aid depending on demonstrated need.
  • Aid is re-evaluated each year. Families can apply for aid in light of new or extenuating circumstances.
  • Tuition assistance is based solely on financial need. Jesuit does not award academic, athletic, or other merit-based scholarships or financial awards.

Financial aid information is provided directly to families during the admissions process. Inquiries can be directed to Brett Long at