Blue Jay Band & Jayettes Rank All Superior at LMEA Marching Festival

Posted October 27, 2022 / Last updated November 1, 2022

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The Blue Jay Marching Band and Jayettes brought a sense of tradition in honor of Jesuit’s 175 Anniversary for their return to Joe Yenni Stadium for the LMEA District VI Marching Assessment Festival in Metairie on Monday, October 24. With complex drills the Jesuit band members gave an excellent performance with perfectly coordinated ensembles and succinct movements. The Jayettes, in sleek geo-patterned leotards, integrated seamlessly whilst dancing in between band members. The show named “Looped” featured original music. It also spotlighted senior soloists flautist Max Bartlett and alto saxophonist Gabriel Schwarz, as well as junior soloists trumpeter Mark Johnson and mellophonist Bradley Eschmann.

Teams are graded on four classifications—overall band, auxiliary (Jayettes), percussion (pit and battery percussion), and drum majors—which are each rated I–V, I being the highest grade of “Superior.” The six-panel, multi-state judges all awarded the Band and Jayettes a “Sweepstakes Rating” of straight Superiors (I) for each category.

The 2022-23 Blue Jay Marching Band is led by drum major senior Alex Weeks, while the Jayettes are led by senior captain Sarah Kocsis.