Orange You Glad I Wore My Glasses?…

Wild Photo Archives Posted August 21st, 2017 Last updated August 21st, 2017

Principal Peter Kernion ’90 was not mincing words about the eclipse and its safety concerns when he warned students at Friday’s morning assembly. His message was loud and clear, even through his lighthearted way of expressing it. “Certainly, it is dangerous to look at an eclipse. You don’t want to look directly at it without the proper eye-wear. At the end of the movie ‘Raiders of the Lost Ark,’ Indiana Jones tells his girlfriend, ‘don’t look at the ark when they open it.’ When all the Nazi soldiers who do, their faces melt and their heads blow up. Certainly, if you look at the eclipse, your face is not going to melt and your head will not blow up. But, it definitely will cause severe and irreparable eye damage. So, if you want to look at the eclipse, one of our physics teachers, Mr. Kyle White, will be in the courtyard at lunch with glasses. So, if interested, you’ll be able to look at the eclipse in a safe way.”

Pictured here during lunch, students practiced the appropriate safety measures and enjoyed the eclipse sighting. One student was so comfortable with his protective glasses that he snacked on some oranges while viewing the eclipse, which at one point looked strangely like a giant orange itself.