MacGyver-Esque Machinery….

Wild Photo Archives Posted May 11th, 2016 Last updated May 11th, 2016

In an inter-class competition, juniors Mason Graham, Nate Beech, Daniel Leithman, Jaord Larriviere, and John Bagert watch marshmallows being catapulted from their homemade mini-trebuchets. The students built the machines using only newspaper, tape, toilet paper rolls, and string for Ms. Khanh Nguyen’s physics class as an example of a siege engine that transfers gravitational energy into kinetic energy. The “best” trebuchet of the day was judged on shooting distance, sturdiness, and aesthetics. The winning MacGyver-esque machine was built and captained by Nate Beech who won a dozen egg rolls, homemade by Ms. Nguyen.