“I, State Your Name,…”

Wild Photo Archives Posted August 24th, 2018 Last updated August 24th, 2018

Student body president Dowen Fife, after being sworn in by Jesuit president Fr. Christopher Fronk, administers the Oath of Office for the remainder of the Executive Board. Pictured in front of Fife (from left), are Gavin Skipper (Executive Aide), Charles Korndorffer (Executive Aide), Max Bond (Executive Aide), Carter Montalbano (Junior Class President), Marc Dougherty (Secretary), Neehar Desai (Treasurer), and Josef Ernst (Vice President). Langston Goldenberg, the senior Class President, was not present and will be sworn in at another date. The Oath of Office is as follows: “I, (name), affirm that I will faithfully execute my office on the Jesuit Student Council, and I will, to the best of my ability, act as a positive example in all that I do, foster Blue Jay spirit in our community, preserve the Student Council Constitution, and live up to the ideals and norms of Jesuit High School.”