Blue Jays, Blue Jays, Square Four Art Thou, Blue Jays?

Wild Photo Archives Posted September 19th, 2014 Last updated September 19th, 2014

Why, they’re in the Traditions Courtyard, playing Four Square, a fast-paced variation of handball, racquetball, and volleyball. On any given day in the Courtyard at lunch, groups of Blue Jays will be playing Four Square, including (clockwise, from left) junior Andrew Nguyen, pre-freshman Ben Willis, and juniors Brady LeBlanc and David Zazulak. According to the website, “The object of the game of four square is to eliminate players in higher squares so that you can advance to the highest square yourself. Four square is played with a rubber playground ball on a square court with four players, each occupying a quarter of the court. The ball is bounced between players in squares until someone makes an error and is eliminated. Eliminated players leave the court, all players advance to fill the empty squares, and a new player joins at the lowest ranked square.” Basically, that’s saying the ball can’t hit the courtyard bricks twice in a square or the player is bounced. Next time someone invites you to join in the fun, don’t be a square. Get in the square and play the game!