Faculty and Staff Directory

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Jonathan E. Hernandez ’00

Physical Education, P.E. II, IV

Social Studies, World Geography

Basketball, Asst. Coach


(504) 483-3918

Voice Mail Ext. 4211

Sharon S. Hewlett

Information Technology, Director

Information Technology, Faculty Computer Instructor

Computer Studies, Computer Literacy

Computer Studies, Computer Applications

Computer Studies, AP Computer Science


(504) 483-3992

Voice Mail Ext. 3992

Jason A. Hijuelos, CPA

Finance, Chief Financial Officer


(504) 483-3846

Voice Mail Ext. 3846

Jordan Holmer ’12

Information Technology, Database Administrator

Computer Studies, Computer Literacy

Computer Studies, AP Computer Science

Academic Games, Co-Moderator


(504) 483-3842

Voice Mail Ext. 3842

Elizabeth A. Hoodless

Guidance, College Placement Counselor (A-G)

Quiz Bowl Team, Co-Moderator


(504) 483-3828

Voice Mail Ext. 3836

Rudolph R. Horvath ’86

Social Studies, Psychology

Cross Country, Head Coach

Track & Field, Head Coach


(504) 483-3871

Voice Mail Ext. 4264

Timothy H. Huete ’76

MCJROTC, Department Head

Leadership Education, Department Head

MCJROTC, Leadership Education I

MCJROTC, Senior Marine Instructor


(504) 483-3855

Voice Mail Ext. 3855




Christopher P. Jennings ’78

Social Studies, Louisiana History

Physical Education, P.E. II, III

Basketball, Head Coach


(504) 483-3920

Voice Mail Ext. 4269