Faculty and Staff Directory

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Stephen L. Hayes

Social Studies, American History

Social Studies, Civics


(504) 483-3871

Voice Mail Ext. 4227



Jonathan E. Hernandez ’00

Physical Education, P.E., P.E. II, III

Social Studies, World Geography

Basketball, Asst. Coach


(504) 483-3918

Voice Mail Ext. 4211

Sharon S. Hewlett

Information Technology, Director

Information Technology, Faculty Computer Instructor

Computer Studies, Computer Science I


(504) 483-3992

Voice Mail Ext. 3992

Jordan Holmer ’12

Computer Studies, Computer Literacy

Information Technology, Database Administrator

Academic Games, Co-Moderator


(504) 483-3842

Voice Mail Ext. 3842

Elizabeth A. Hoodless

Guidance, College Placement Counselor (A-G)

Quiz Bowl Team, Co-Moderator


(504) 483-3828

Voice Mail Ext. 3836

Rudolph R. Horvath ’86

Social Studies, Western Civilization

Social Studies, Psychology

Cross Country, Head Coach

Track & Field, Head Coach


(504) 483-3871

Voice Mail Ext. 4264

James Huck

Maintenance & Facilities, Director


(504) 483-3862

Voice Mail Ext. 3862

Timothy H. Huete ’76

MCJROTC, Department Head

Leadership Education, Department Head

MCJROTC, Leadership Education I

MCJROTC, Senior Marine Instructor


(504) 483-3855

Voice Mail Ext. 3855