Faculty and Staff Directory

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Michael Dardant

J-Troupe, Moderator

Bro. William J. Dardis, S.J. ’58

President's Office, Director of Special Projects

Cheerleaders, Moderator


(504) 483-3814

Voice Mail Ext. 3814

Susan M. De Boisblanc

Theology, Christology, Catholic Bioethics

Ultimate Frisbee, Moderator

Pro-Life Club, Co-Moderator

Jayettes, Co-Moderator


(504) 483-3881

Voice Mail Ext. 4236

Gerard Delahoussaye

Theology, Department Head

Theology, Christian Foundations, Christian Morality

Theology, Catholic Social Teaching


(504) 483-3881

Voice Mail Ext. 4237

Scott J. Delatte ’06

Theology, Ecclesiology

Chorus, Asst. Director

Pro-Life Club, Co-Moderator


(504) 483-3881

Voice Mail Ext. 4295



Logan Diano

Institutional Advancement, Alumni Giving Drive (AGD) Coordinator

Institutional Advancement, AGD Events Coordinator


(504) 483-3815

Voice Mail Ext. 3815

Daniel A. DiRosa ’81

Social Studies, Department Head

Social Studies, Civics/American Government and Politics AP


(504) 483-3871

Voice Mail Ext. 4224

Gregory R. Dornan

Social Studies, Western Civilization

Social Studies, Presidential Conspiracies

Wrestling, Asst. Coach


(504) 483-3871

Voice Mail Ext. 4225