Faculty and Staff Directory

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Troy G. Baglio

Physical Education, Department Head

Physical Education, P.E. I, II

Football, Asst. Coach

Track & Field, Asst. Coach

Blue Jay Summer Camp, Director


(504) 483-3918

Voice Mail Ext. 4268

Thomas V. Bagwill

Institutional Advancement, Director


(504) 483-3841

Voice Mail Ext. 3841

Scott M. Bairnsfather

Physical Education, PE II, III, IV

Football, Asst. Coach

Dept. Assistant


(504) 483-3928

Voice Mail Ext. 4238

Bryan J. Bairnsfather

Social Studies, World Geography, American History AP

Student Council, Co-Moderator

Golf Club, Moderator


(504) 483-3871

Voice Mail Ext. 4229

Joan Barrera

Guidance, Administrative Assistant


(504) 483-3828

Voice Mail Ext. 3828

Christian M. Bautista ’06

Dir. of Communications


Voice Mail Ext. 3814

Michael J. Begg

English, English I, IV H

Principal's Office, Asst. Disciplinarian

Movie Critics Club, Co-Moderator

Summer Session, Director


(504) 483-3866

Voice Mail Ext. 4206

Patrick Benoit

Modern Foreign Language, French I, I H, II H, III H, IV, IV AP, V H

French Club, Moderator

French Honor Society, Moderator


(504) 483-3882

Voice Mail Ext. 4247