Faculty and Staff Directory

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Daniel C. Wagner, M.Ed., M.C.S.E.

Computer Studies, Department Head

Information Technology, Computer Network Administrator

Computer Studies, Computer Science I


(504) 483-3991

Voice Mail Ext. 3991

John W. Webre

English, English I, Study Skills

District and State Rally, Coordinator

Ping Pong Club, Moderator


(504) 483-3866

Voice Mail Ext. 4298

Robert U. Weiss, III ’87

Competitive Club Sports, Director

Mathematics, Introduction to Algebra

Mathematics, Algebra I


(504) 483-3883

Voice Mail Ext. 4297

Kyle K. White

Science, Physics, Robotics

Robotics Club, Co-Moderator

Beach Volleyball, Moderator


(504) 483-3895

Voice Mail Ext. 4288

Rachel S. Wilson

Mathematics, Geometry

Classics, Latin I, II

Classics Society, Co-Moderator


(504) 483-3883

Voice Mail Ext. 4260

Brett D. Wise ’82

Mock Trial Team, Co-Moderator

Christopher G. Woods, B.A. ’06

English, English I, IV


(504) 483-3866

Voice Mail Ext. 4263