Faculty and Staff Directory

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Scott M. Bairnsfather

Physical Education, PE II, III, IV

Football, Asst. Coach

Dept. Assistant


(504) 483-3928

Voice Mail Ext. 4238

Richard J. Bohn, III

Computer Studies, Computer Literacy I

Physical Education, P.E. I, II

Track & Field, Asst. Coach

Cross Country, Asst. Coach


(504) 483-3892

Voice Mail Ext. 4265

Gino M. Giambelluca

Science, Physical Science

Physical Education, P.E. I, IV

Football, Asst. Coach

Baseball, Asst. Coach


(504) 483-3892

Voice Mail Ext. 4281

Kenneth C. Goodlett, Jr.

Social Studies, World Geography

Physical Education, P.E. II, IV

Baseball, Head Coach


(504) 483-3871

Voice Mail Ext. 4226

Jonathan E. Hernandez ’00

Physical Education, P.E. II, IV

Social Studies, World Geography

Basketball, Asst. Coach


(504) 483-3918

Voice Mail Ext. 4211

Christopher P. Jennings ’78

Social Studies, Louisiana History

Physical Education, P.E. II, III

Basketball, Head Coach


(504) 483-3920

Voice Mail Ext. 4269




Darryl L. Roule, Jr.

Mathematics, Introduction to Algebra

Physical Education, P.E. III

Football, Asst. Coach


(504) 483-3838

Voice Mail Ext. 4255

Terry J. Ursin, Jr. ’93

Physical Education, P.E. I

Admissions, Co-Director


(504) 483-3958

Voice Mail Ext. 3958