Mu Alpha Theta Team Is Runner-Up at State Math Convention

Posted March 31, 2015 / Last updated April 7, 2015

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Members of Mu Alpha Theta pose with their trophies at the State Tournament in Baton Rouge.

Members of Mu Alpha Theta and their faculty moderators pose with their trophies at the State Tournament in Baton Rouge.

The Blue Jay Mu Alpha Theta team placed second overall in the Louisiana Mu Alpha Theta State Math Convention in Baton Rouge. The tournament, which took place from March 26-28, saw competition from 31 schools throughout the state. Sixty Blue Jays contributed to the team effort. In addition to receiving the second place Sweepstakes award, Jesuit also brought home the third place trophy for the Interschool Test.

The Blue Jays were accompanied by teachers Ms. Leslie Merritt, Ms. Khanh Nguyen, Ms. Jo Ann Schexnayder, Mr. Rob Weiss, Mr. David Wright, Mr. Michael Armelin, and Mr. Julio Minsal-Ruiz, S.J.

Mu Alpha Theta is a national high school and junior college honorary mathematics club designed to meet the challenge of reaching out to our academically talented students and turning them on to mathematics. Members are students who have completed four semesters of college preparatory mathematics and in addition have completed or are enrolled in a fifth semester mathematics course, providing their mathematics work was done with distinction (minimum B average). The main focus of Mu Alpha Theta is the interaction of our chapter with those of other area schools. This is accomplished through monthly district meetings, local tournaments, and an annual state convention.

Full Results

Overall 2nd place Sweepstakes winner; 3rd place in Interschool Test

Math Bowl Teams

Analysis Ciphering Team A (Cade Arbour, José Cuscó, Harrison Millar, and Jeremy Scheffler): 2nd and Analysis Ciphering Team B (Cameron Kaupp, Matthew Miceli, Steven Sellers, and Brady Stiller): 4th

Theta Ciphering Team A (Samy Amkieh, David Gravolet, Ean Neyrey, and Malcolm Sundell): 3rd

Calculus Gemini Team (Mark James and Brandon Sprague): 4th

Analysis Gemini Team A (Anthony Stoner and John James): 2nd

Theta Gemini Team (Garrett Crumb and Michael Farrugia): 2nd

Hustle Team A (Matthew Stuckey, Connor Maheu, Mark Piglia, and Caleb Rogers): 3rd

Individual Awards in Descartes: Patrick Finegan: 4th in Analysis and William Tittle: 3rd in Calculus

Other Top Results in Games

Analysis Ciphering Team C (William Dowling, Patrick Simonson, Evan Slattery, and Logan Yokum): 9th

Theta Ciphering Team B (James Groos, John Thomas Holmes, Jae Kweon, and Alex Welsh): 8th

Analysis Gemini Team B (Anton Derbes and Chalon Fogarty): 6th

Hustle Team B (Josh Talbot, Kenneth Krizan, Andrew Vuong, and Christian Gonzalez): 10th

Individual Test Awards


David Gravolet: 2nd
Michael Farrugia: 4th
John Thomas Holmes: 5th
Caleb Rogers: 9th
Garrett Crumb: 10th
Malcolm Sundell: 11th

Theta (Algebra II)
Ean Neyrey: 10th

Alpha (Analysis)
John James: 10th
Connor Maheu: 11th
Steven Sellers: 20th

Mu B (Calculus)
Steven Stradley: 6th
Matthew Sentilles: 9th

Area Tests

John Thomas Holmes: 4th

Algebra II (Theta Equations and Inequalities)
Noah Billeaud: 6th

Analysis (Pre-Calculus)
Kenneth Krizan: 2nd
Andrew Vuong: 6th
Chalon Fogarty: 9th
Logan Yokum: 11th
Sterling Stafford: 12th

Analysis (Trigonometry)
William Dowling: 4th

Calculus (Mu B)
Steven Stradley: 4th
Anthony Smith: 8th

Matthew Sentilles: 4th
Daniel Sagona: 8th