Junior Class Serves Up Christmas Cheer

Posted December 22, 2015 / Last updated January 6, 2016

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The juniors were assisted with the generosity of the Mr. Sinesio Canseco and ​Canseco's Market to prepare baskets that each contained groceries for a bountiful Christmas dinner.

The juniors were assisted by the generosity of Mr. Sinesio Canseco (standing behind the table) and ​Canseco’s Market to prepare baskets with the makings of a bountiful Christmas dinner.

The junior class led a group effort to spread Christmas cheer in way that has become familiar to them at Jesuit — by serving others. They saw a need and pooled their resources to distribute a Christmas dinner to 20 deserving families.

The endeavor began after they delivered baskets in the school’s annual Thanksgiving Drive that served 450 families. They wanted to help more people.

The following week, juniors from each homeroom spread the word and began accepting donations. They asked Mr. Kevin Murphy, the Thanksgiving Drive and service projects coordinator, for a list of the families who requested but did not receive a meal. Reviewing the list together, they identified 20 families in the most need.

The class collected money and donations to create the holiday baskets. The Blue Jays were assisted with the generosity of the Mr. Sinesio Canseco and ​Canseco’s Market to prepare the dinner baskets, each containing a ham, rolls, yams, dessert, and some Louisiana lagniappe. Mr. Canseco said he was glad to help the students who were working together for such a great cause.

Baskets were distributed on Tuesday, Dec. 22, to appreciative families who will now have the makings of a great Christmas dinner.

The junior class co-spokesmen for this project asked that no single student’s name be mentioned. “It’s a class project. We did it together.”


Juniors distributed baskets on Tuesday, Dec. 22, to the 20 appreciative families who will now have the makings of a great Christmas dinner.