Why We Give: Michael Waldo ’70

Posted January 6, 2015 / Last updated January 6, 2015

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Mike Waldo '70

Mike Waldo ’70

“As You Give, So Shall You Receive”… “Men for Others”… “Service Above Self” are doctrines that are, respectively, from the Bible, Jesuit High School, and Rotary International.

I have learned these credos over the years, but my parents actually instilled them in me as a child. I believe that if you don’t “actually do,” that is take action, these principles are merely nice-sounding phrases.
Certainly, I have benefited from my years at Jesuit High School. College was easier than studying at Jesuit (and because of Jesuit). My Jesuit education attracted multiple scholarships to various universities. Beyond knowledge acquired, Jesuit imparted an “esprit” that only a few high schools or colleges achieve at a level that high.

But someone else put up money and effort before I even became a Blue Jay, which established the Jesuit that was there to give to me. So, how can I not give back for others who may likewise receive just as I did?

I can’t remember my father (Harry Waldo, Jr. of the Class of 1945) ever sending a letter without ending it with “A.M.D.G.” He also believed, as I do, that “giving” is an integral part of “living.”


— Michael Waldo ’70

Michael Waldo ’70 followed his father’s lead and a few years ago established a scholarship that is now fully endowed. Additionally, Mike’s will includes a charitable bequest for Jesuit. A computer programmer who is an active member of his class, Mike also serves as a leader of the newly-formed Pensacola-Mobile-Destin Blue Jay Alumni Chapter.