Alumni Families Maintain Local Businesses

Posted October 23, 2015 / Last updated October 23, 2015

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Jesuit alumni family businesses: Mothe Funeral Homes and Pel Hughes

Jesuit alumni family-run businesses: Mothe Funeral Homes and Pel Hughes

The October issue of New Orleans Magazine features a look at successful family businesses that are an important ingredient in the fabric of New Orleans’s commerce. Of the four family businesses highlighted, two are families with strong Jesuit ties: Mothe Funeral Homes and Pel Hughes. Boyd Mothe, Sr. ’51 stands as a link between the current generation overseeing the business and their ancestors who established and nurtured the West Bank funeral home business. Boyd is still active in the business. Pel Hughes is a multi-faceted enterprise led by Vic Hughes ’63. The various commercial endeavors – Pel Hughes Printing, Floor de Lis, Toulouse Gourmet Catering, and The Cannery reception hall – are overseen by Vic and his sons Johnny ’92, Brian ’93, and Mark ’95; his wife, Jackie; and her brother, Tim Levy ’78.

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