Blue Jays Celebrate Final Mass as School Community for 2014-2015

Posted April 22, 2015 / Last updated April 22, 2015

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Wednesday morning, Blue Jays gathered for the last Mass to be celebrated as a complete school community in the Chapel of the North American Martyrs. In May, the Class of 2015 will be preparing for graduation. At today’s Mass, the congregation prayed for the continued calling to be Men of Faith and Men for Others.

Today’s Mass is a feast that honors The Blessed Virgin Mary, Queen of the Society of Jesus:

Ingatius’ heritage sparked his devotion to our Lady, which intensified during his convalescence. Major events in his life occurred on feasts or sites honoring the Virgin: his vigil before the Black Madonna of Montserrat on the eve of the Annunciation, 1522; his first vows on the Assumption, 1534; his first Mass in St. Mary Major in Rome on Christmas, 1538. On Friday of Easter Week, April 22, 1541, seven months after papal approval of the Society and two weeks after Ignatius was elected its first general, he celebrated Mass with the first companions at our Lady’s altar in St. Paul Outside-the-Walls (Rome), during which all pronounced their vows. This feast thus commemorates the birth of the vowed Society and its dedication to Mary as its mother.