Alumnus Ned Hémard ’67: Paris and New Orleans, Two Cities of Lights

Posted August 13, 2015 / Last updated August 13, 2015

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As the 10th anniversary of Katrina approaches, Ned Hémard ’67 sees parallels between two “cities of light” – Paris and New Orleans. Both cities survived incredible disasters emerging stronger in the process. In his article Ned speaks of Frenchman Dominique Lapierre, son of the French consul general in New Orleans in 1944, who spent two years as a student at Jesuit. Ned recalls Lapierre’s 1980 visit to New Orleans and his “unnoticed” visit to Jesuit during which his wife snapped a photo of him “with a new generation of Blue Jays.” In 1999 Lapierre visited his adopted city and high school again, this time quite noticed. The spring edition of the 1999 Jaynotes captures Lapierre’s visit.

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