Used Book Sale Drop Off Begins During Exam Week

Posted April 11, 2014 / Last updated June 6, 2014

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With the 4th Quarter Exams just around the corner, it is time for Blue Jays to begin gathering the books they want to sell in the used book sale. A volunteer will be available to accept used books after exams in Room 329. Senior exams will take place May 5 – 8. The remaining 4th Quarter exams are scheduled for May 19 – 22.

Students dropping off books must include an envelope in each book with the following printed information:

  • Name of book (Algebra I, etc.)
  • Name of student
  • Phone number of student

Each book turned in should have the student’s name printed inside the book to help keep the proper book matched to the proper envelope.

Not all books are available to re-sell. The used book sale does not accept the following types of books:

  • Workbooks, Novels
  • SAT books; PSAT, ACT, SAT prep course books
  • Writing Handbooks
  • State books

Organized each year by parent volunteers, the used book sale affords an opportunity for students and their families to sell their used text books and save money on books for next school year. At the used book sale in August, many books will be priced at 50% off their original cost.