Let the Playoffs Begin as Blue Jays Swat Pesky Purple Knights, 34-20

Posted November 8, 2014 / Last updated November 11, 2014

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Jays and Purple Knights Will See Each Other Again as Playoffs Begin Friday, November 14

After the Jays scored their first TD, kicker Crew Jacobs squibed an onsides kick that was recovered by special teams player Jandon Briscoe (3).

After the Jays scored their first TD, Crew Jacobs pooched the kickoff that was recovered by special teams player Jandon Briscoe (3).

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In dispensing with St. Augustine – their final opponent of the regular season on Friday evening at Tad Gormley Stadium – the Blue Jays put on quite an offensive show, scoring four touchdowns in the first half and adding a fifth in the second half.

Jesuit’s vaunted defense struggled a bit. Just when fans of the Blue and White thought the Jays had this game sewed up, the Purple Knights dug in and were not about to roll over. Say this much for St. Aug: they put up a good fight until the final whistle.

Chris Mills glides toward the end zone for a 60-yard touchdown run to give the Jays the lead, 7-6.

Chris Mills glides toward the end zone for a 60-yard touchdown run to give the Jays the lead, 7-6.

Jesuit will play the Purple Knights again as the opening round of playoffs begins this weekend. Jesuit and St. Augustine will kick off on Friday, November 14 at 7 p.m. at Tad Gormley Stadium. Advance game tickets will be sold at Jesuit’s switchboard.

In Friday’s game, the Purple Knights threw a bucket of bird seed at the Jays by scoring on their first possession, on a long run that caught Jesuit’s defense flat-footed. St. Augustine tried to convert for two extra points, but failed. If the Jesuit side of the stadium suddenly looked worried, the Jays on the field were the picture of cool.

Jesuit wasted no time putting points on the board as Chris Mills caught a short pass over the middle from quarterback Trey LaForge and ran like a wild horse on the open prairie for 60 yards, the first of his two rushing touchdowns. Jesuit kicker Crew Jacobs hit 4 of 5 PATs.

“I have to give everything to our offensive line,” said Mills about his two scores. “They did an excellent job setting up the holes for me to make my cuts.”

The Jays twice surprised St. Aug with pooched kicks that Jacobs placed perfectly. Jesuit’s Jandon Briscoe (3) pounced on the first one and a couple of plays later, Charles Jackson ran 5 yards for the Jays’ second TD. LaForge threw a short pass to wide receiver Kalija Lipscomb who did the rest of the work, shedding his defender and high-stepping into the end zone for a 30-yard score.

The second pooched kick was recovered by Malcolm Ben and set up Mills’s second touchdown. Jesuit’s fifth touchdown occurred in the second half when Hunter Robert bulled his way into the end zone from two yards out.
This was the 48th game between Jesuit and St. Augustine. Coming into it, the Purple Knights led the series 24-23. Jesuit’s victory Friday night evens the series at 24 apiece.

“Our offense tonight got back on track and was much better,” head coach Mark Songy told reporters afterwards. “We’re proud to be 8-2 and in the playoffs.”

The game aired live on Cox Cable Sports (Channel 4). A replay is scheduled to air on Wednesday, November 12.

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